Printronix SL4M: How To Do A Printhead Alignment

by ScanSource Technical Services on October 12, 2010

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Printhead Alignment SL4M
Align the printhead under the following conditions: to improve the print quality when running difficult media with major differences in thickness, when adjusting for media thickness (with the printhead pressure switch) did not yield adequate print quality, or when you replace the printhead.

The printhead must be parallel with the platen for consistent image printing across the label. If the printhead is misaligned, labels will print with uneven ink distribution (i.e. splotches and fading ink). When you align the printhead, you are moving the printhead forward and backward in relation to the platen.

  1. Raise the media cover.
  2. Open the pivoting deck by rotating the deck lock lever fully counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the printhead alignment tool (yellow screwdriver) from the tool clip.
  4. Use the printhead alignment tool to turn the printhead alignment dial. Turn the printhead alignment dial UP for THICKER stocks and DOWN for THINNER stocks.
  5. Close the pivoting deck by rotating the deck lock lever fully clockwise.
  6. Run a print test, such as the checkerboard or gray scale.
  7. If necessary repeat steps 4 to 6 until the desired alignment is achieved.
  8. Lower the media cover.

Instructions also available for download.

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