Polycom RealPresence Desktop Network Connectivity Test

When making a video call outside the LAN to the public network (WAN), it may be necessary to first test the Group Series using a secondary system with H.323 call functionality. If a second H.323 endpoint isn’t available we suggest using Polycom’s RealPresense Desktop. Polycom offers a 30-day trial from their support site (see link below).

For a fully enabled RealPresence Desktop license, please contact your sales person or reseller.

*Please Note* This test does not correct network or firewall issues. This test will show the H.323 video system is functioning properly.

  1. Visit the following link & download the trial version of RealPresence Desktop. Make sure the software is installed on the laptop or PC you will be using for the connectivity test. Connectivity Test
  2. Set the laptop with an IP address one greater than the Group Series. For example, if the Group Series has an IP address of, set the laptop’s IP address to
  3. Install the RealPresence Desktop software trial version by following the install wizard prompts.
  4. Turn off the Group Series endpoint.
  5. Connect the laptop to the Group Series using a crossover cable from LAN port to LAN port. As an alternative, you can use straight thru cables to connect the Group Series and laptop using a network switch. If you are not obtaining an IP address either hard set the IP addresses or use a switch with DHCP.
  6. Turn the Group Series back on. Make sure both the RealPresence Desktop client and the Group Series show a valid IP address.
  7. Place a call from one system to the other to test connectivity.



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