Many organizations see a growing need to utilize the multi-point capabilities of the HDX series but often find the use of it a bit daunting. To make it easier to understand exactly what a person would see with different multi-point options and how to make that selection, we have copied information from the Administrator’s Guide for Polycom HDX Systems below.

To configure multipoint viewing modes, do one of the following:

—In the local interface, go to System > Admin Settings > Monitors > Multipoint Setup

—In the web interface, go to Admin Settings > Monitors > Multipoint Setup

Configure this setting:

What you see during a multipoint call can depend on factors, such as the Polycom HDX system monitor configuration, the number of sites in the call, the speed of the call, whether content is shared, and whether dual monitor emulation is used. The multipoint viewing mode on the host system is the mode used in the call.

Points to note about Discussion mode:

  • To correctly display Discussion mode, you must select both Near and Far video sources for Monitor 1.
  • To correctly display Discussion mode for multipoint calls with three far sites shown on two monitors, you must select both Near and Far video sources for Monitor 1, and clear Far for Monitor 2.
  • You cannot display Discussion mode on Monitor 2.
  • For multipoint calls using a Polycom MGC bridge, set People Video Adjustment and  Content Video Adjustment to None  in order to properly display Discussion mode on a 16×9 monitor.

Clearly, the multi-point mode selected will depend upon the venue and meeting purpose. However, Polycom’s options for managing this simple but important setting makes changes easy and quick for any meeting you may have scheduled.

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