Plantronics just announced its newest release of Plantronics Manager Pro, which provides operational, historical and contextual data on voice interactions and headset usage patterns with the ability to subscribe to new analysis suites. It utilizes a cloud-based architecture to ensure the quality of communications and collaboration experiences by assuring device health. It also offers powerful services like data analysis and business intelligence, which allows managers to easily understand trends, evaluate options and ensure compliance so better decisions can be made to help the business run smoothly.

There are 3 new analysis suites that join the existing Asset Analysis and include Usage Analysis, Conversation Analysis and Acoustic Analysis. Each report allows for both a bird’s eye view and an in-depth look at the various data, which can include headset software versions being used, updates that are needed, troubleshooting, quality of conversations and customer experience, and logs of acoustic events, which is helpful in contact center environments to ensure occupational safety of their workforce. These new reporting suites allow freedom for the IT manager since all of these are cloud-based and can be accessed remotely.

This release is important for ScanSource’s value-added resellers as they look for ways to move into the Cloud and create recurring software and services revenue opportunities while increasing margins and profits. By integrating with existing managed service offerings, Plantronics Manager Pro helps its channel partners create higher-value relationships with existing customers and attract new ones.

Plantronics offers an annual or a 3-year subscription service. To learn more, please contact your ScanSource Sales Rep or read Plantronics’ Press Release here.

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