“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”  Bill Gates

When surveying our reseller partners, we discovered that 70% of our customers have realized incremental business through partnering and 56% have partnered with another VAR on a deal or business opportunity.  Do you see a trend?  We do!

Partnerships allow resellers to introduce new technologies, add new product offerings, get a larger piece of the deal, increase their value to their customers and extend their geographic reach, which translates to capturing bigger margins.

In order to provide a competitive edge for our VARs and vendors, ScanSource Services Group offers a consolidated resource of value-added services for our customers: configuration services, integration services, partner marketing, education, training, assessment and now partnering opportunities.  We recently released the update of SUMOpartner.com, an online network of channel providers: find the right partners, be found by customers, and grow your business. You could look everywhere to find the right channel partner, but why?

We are working to change the way the channel finds and creates partnerships. In order for us build and provide the right tools and information you need, please tell us how we can help facilitate this process.  You are invited to complete this short survey: 10 click-to-answer questions and one feedback area.  It is confidential: no names or company information will be gathered.

Your business opportunities for growth depend significantly on your ability to find the right channel partners and build a strong collaboration with them – let ScanSource be one of those partners.

ScanSource Partnership Survey

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Velda Goodin has 10+ years in Program Management with 6+ years at ScanSource as Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, developing and managing the ISV Source program in POSB and most recently the Team Lead for Application Management in ScanSource Service Group. Her mission: “Identify opportunities and pain-points then discover creative ways to utilize resources, connect-the-dots and make it happen!”

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