Mobility impacts our business solutions every day. Enterprises desire to empower their workforce to provide better and faster customer experiences, so whether you are a solution provider in the healthcare market, or education, retail, field service, logistics, hospitality – your end customers are expecting solutions that are mobile or they are asking for your guidance on mobility.

Are you ready for mobility? Don’t turn away when your customers start asking about the use of consumer-grade mobile devices in markets that are traditionally the home of rugged, industrial devices. Embrace it.

  • Understand mobility and use it to ride the wave into an account.
  • Build up your service offers, from set-up to integration, and charge for them.
  • Sell the wired and wireless infrastructure and add your expertise to security, etc.
  • Don’t forget high margin accessories that go with it.

ScanSource POS & Barcode’s MobilETC program primes you to capitalize on these. And, ScanSource Services Group has resources for you to utilize to maximize your mobility opportunities.

During a series of recent MobilETC webinars, ScanSource CTO Greg Dixon painted the picture of mobility’s impact on businesses. Then, my ScanSource Services Group colleagues and I shared how we can create opportunities and expand your resources to help you be successful in this mobility world.  Resources that provide ScanSource partners with WiFi Surveys, Mobile Tablet Configurations, Mobile Payment Solutions, Wireless Network Configuration, Cellular Activation, System Installation, Marketing, and Partnerships. All potential facets of mobility solutions.

Get a jump on mobility this year. See the ScanSource MobilETC webinars and the ScanSource Services Group web site.

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I've been in the technology channel for almost 20 years and with ScanSource since early 2000. Before that I worked for a nationwide barcode, data capture reseller for three years and then co-founded Black Arrow E-com and ran it for a few years. As part of the ScanSource Services Group, my focus is on maximizing our partners business through service offers that extend their resources and create opportunities.

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