Next Steps for Hanwha Resellers After Cancun Partner Summit

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The Hanwha Partner Summit in Cancun was an excellent opportunity for Hanwha partners to gather and hear what’s new from Hanwha for 2017. It was a full three days of networking, learning, and socializing at the Grand Fiesta Americana. ScanSource Networking and Security was in attendance and brought back the following takeaways as the most useful tips from the overall event.

Cyber Security

Listening to Dale Buckner’s keynote address was powerful, as many audience members were using the public Wi-Fi in the hotel, unknowingly opening themselves up to hackers. Unfortunately for end users, this means ample opportunities for information to be hacked and stolen. But for resellers and dealers, now is the time to capitalize. With so many people unknowingly making their information almost public, the need to keep it secure is greater than ever. Hanwha resellers should look at the Hanwha product line, as they are one of the only major camera manufacturers never to have been hacked.

Hanwha’s Focus

It’s hard to believe it has already been a year since Hanwha purchased Samsung. But this 56-billion-dollar-company is now fully invested in growing and securing the top spot in the security industry. This is great news for those looking to expand and grow their Hanwha business. Their ability to keep everything in house (manufacturing, technology advancement, innovation) without outsourcing anything equates to competitive prices while still being a leader in the market.

At the Partner Summit, guests learned that Hanwha has 32% of their company invested in R&D. This large figure equates to their ability to create and produce innovative products that are mimicked by competitors. The H.265 technology, which saves bandwidth for the customer while increasing the productivity, quality, and performance of security systems, was just one example. Simply put, this new dedicated focus on the technology is quickly outdoing the efforts of Hanwha’s predecessor.

Further, they are focused on personnel and retaining it. Between promoting and hiring new employees across sales (inside and outside), as well as business development personnel and technical teams, Hanwha is aiming to support their partners in the field for anything and everything. Although enhancements were made in project registrations, Hanwha is still able to provide steep discounts on their major projects. Warranties were expanded from three to five years for top STEP levels, showing those in the room how confident Hanwha is in their products.

Leader in the Industry

Continuing to advance the technology in their products, Hanwha is a leader in the security market. Since just Q4 of 2016, they have produced 80-90 new products alone. These products include leading technology such as H.265 and the new WiseNet 5 chipset, which they personally developed rather than acquired.

In addition, Hanwha also announced the development and partnership with CamCloud. A cloud-based services solution, CamCloud offers customers a quick and easy way to install and set up camera solutions while keeping everything in the cloud. Processes and installations that once took hours now take a matter of minutes.

Next Steps

With so much great information packed into such a short time, there was one clear theme. Now is the time to do business with Hanwha for not only their leadership, expertise, and quality, but the ability to grow your business. Quite simply, Hanwha has grown to the top three overall of the major manufacturers in the industry, which means Hanwha resellers will be representing some of the best technology available today.

Partnering with ScanSource Networking and Security gives you access to additional resources and services not found at other distributors. From our knowledgeable sales reps to our technical support staff, you have a wide array of in-house specialists available to answer your questions and help you with your purchases. In addition, our Custom Configuration Center, located in our Distribution Center, provides custom configuration services including mounting of cameras and housings, loading IP addresses, and kitting products for rollout. We’ll walk you through the entire purchase and configuration all in one place. And, our financing allows you to be invoiced when the product ships, not upon purchase date.

To get started selling Hanwha’s products or to talk about how to further your ScanSource business, please contact ScanSource sales development representative, Jamal Strother, at

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