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With the recent launch of ShoreTel 13 and the upcoming general availability of ShoreTel 13.1, there are several changes which partners need to be aware of.

Operating System and Environment changes

ShoreTel 13 now supports Windows Server 2008 32-bit, SP2, Standard and Enterprise editions as well as 64-bit R2, SP1, Standard and Enterprise editions.  Windows Server 2003 Server is no longer supported, and it is recommended that customers running that operating system upgrade before performing a ShoreTel 13 upgrade.  SBE customers running Windows 2003 Telecom Edition are still supported.

VMWare ESX 4.1 and ESXi 5.0 are supported for High Availability or VMotion configurations.  The Windows Server 2008 versions listed above are also supported in a virtual environment.

Hardware Changes

With ShoreTel 13, the IP 530 and IP 210 phones are no longer supported.

The Service Appliance 400 (SA-400) was launched at the same time as ShoreTel 13, but customers must be running ShoreTel 12.3, or wait for ShoreTel 13.1 to use the appliance.  The SA-100 is supported on all new versions of ShoreTel 13.

Other Software Changes

Customers using ShoreTel e911 Notification, or the ShoreTel Cost Recovery Integration Application must upgrade these applications to the newest version prior to upgrading to ShoreTel 13.1.

The ShoreTel Communicator client has been rewritten and no longer uses TAPI.  Custom applications which require TAPI may need to be rewritten to be supported in ShoreTel 13.

Instant Messaging is now included with Personal Communicator.  It is no longer necessary to purchase Professional Communicator to use IM.  An IM engine, such as a Service Appliance (SA) is still required.

Upgrade Notes

All versions of ShoreTel 11, 12 and 13 may be upgraded to ShoreTel 13.1 directly.  All previous versions of ShoreTel require an upgrade to ShoreTel 11 or 12 prior to upgrading to 13.1.

Feature Changes in ShoreTel 13

More fully featured SIP trunks are supported in ShoreTel 13 through the use of SIP Media Proxy (SMP) resources.  SMP are allocated at a ratio of 1 SMP to 1 analog interface or 20 SMP to 1 T1 interface.

File-based Music on Hold is now supported.  Files are stored on HQ, DVS, and the ShoreGear switches.  The use of this Music on Hold method does not use resources off the ShoreGear switches.

A complete list of changes to ShoreTel 13 can be found in the Release Notes.

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