By Vanessa Koechli

Did you know ScanSource now offers Mitel Technical Trainings? Well now you do! We at ScanSource know you are busy so we have tried to make trainings as convenient and easy as possible. We have figured out that location is key as well as making sure the trainings are done by a field expert.

Our job is to make your lives easier and we have done our research. As a result, we offer training virtually, at locations all across the United States, and the real kicker… we can come to you and train at your facilities. In particular, our virtual classes are great if you are unable to travel to a training but you really need to take a class to keep your certifications updated.

You will be trained by an industry expert that has over 15+ years of experience with Mitel equipment. Our instructor has sold it, implemented it, and supported the products. We can pretty much guarantee you are in great hands when it comes to getting your certifications. Oh and did I mention ScanSource has higher pass rates than other trainers. Trust us, we know what we are doing, we have been delivering exceptional technical vendor training since 2002.

Right now we are offering the MiVoice Business Release Class 7.0 Care Installation & Maintenance. This class is to learn to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot a single standalone MiVoice Business System.  Coming soon we will offer more classes:

  • Release 7.0 Networking, Clustering, and Resiliency Installation & Maintenance
  • Release 7.0 Standalone Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • MiContact Center Installation and Maintenance

To register, you can go here to sign up today! For more information on how ScanSource can take care of your Mitel training needs, please reach out to Beth Dameron at (864) 286-4839 or via email at

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