In the rapidly evolving, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and customer-engagement industries, it’s essential that owners of retail establishments stay ahead of the curve. Store patrons now expect a whole lot more from their retail experiences—especially ones taking place in brick-and-mortar stores. It’s becoming more and more difficult to entice shoppers to leave the comfort of their homes to make purchases. The efficiency and speed with which a business can complete its payment transactions is one very important part of improving the overall shopping experience. The old saying is true. Time is money, for both business owners and their customers.

For retailers looking to save money and increase revenue, it’s important to invest in technology that’s reliable, attractive, and, most importantly, future-proof. Those operating on analog cash registers are unable to provide the same customer experience as a business using modern technology. And, believe it or not, consumers take notice of clunky and outdated hardware. To provide an exceptional shopping experience, attractive hardware with a high-speed and intuitive POS and payments system is non-negotiable.

That’s why Star Micronics has created the brand new mCollection—including two receipt printers that offer a sleek, compact footprint and innovative technology. The mC-Print2 (two-inch printer) and mC-Print3 (three-inch printer) provide the premier solution for the modern retailer looking to make its checkouts smoother, while offering an aesthetically pleasing POS.

mCollection printers are outstanding for ISVs and can be easily integrated into existing solutions, thanks to Star’s advanced SDK software. Retailers can connect multiple devices, use any operating system, and have access to a variety of connectivity options through the printers’ integrated hub.

Current and innovative hardware and technology play an important role in helping retailers modernize their stores and generate more revenue, but they still need more. mCollection printers are equipped with cloud-connectivity options that allow retailers to print special promotions and important information along with each printed receipt. PromoPRNT from Star Micronics’ Cloud allows retailers to print coupons, promotional messages, social-media information, customer surveys, and much more—for free!

We also know that brick-and-mortar retail is becoming a more niche environment, and that POS and retail-management solutions are not “one size fits all.” That’s why Star includes additional peripherals as part of the mCollection, including a digital customer display for pricing or other messages, 1D and 2D barcode scanners, and three, brand new NTEP-certified scales.

Today’s technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before, and retailers should not and cannot be left behind! Star Micronics had the needs of the modern retailer AND the new generation of consumers in mind, when designing each piece of its mCollection—so it can help change the face of retail.

When you place your order with ScanSource for a Star mC-Print2 or mC-Print3, don’t forget to add other valuable mCollection products, like peripherals, the scales mentioned above, and cash drawers. Combining all of these Star products helps you create the total solution your customers need now, and in the future, and helps you generate higher revenue to grow your business. Contact Philip Kidd for details, and become a retail “Star” today.

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