Marketing Trends in 2016

by Phoebe Underwood on December 30, 2015 · 0 comments

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It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. When you look back and reflect on the year, have you thought about how your marketing efforts stack up?  Whether your marketing was right on target, or practically non-existent, here are some B2B marketing trends that are coming up in 2016.

    1. Content Is Key – Use those big budgets you allocated for search terms and keys to produce rich, high-quality content. Not only will this help with rankings, but it will help customers and prospects find what they are actually looking for. Make sure your content is relevant and speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience.
    2. Mobile will continue to grow – For customers who are always on the go, make sure that your marketing is reaching them. This includes making your website mobile-friendly with a responsive design, shorter and catchier email subject lines, and an emphasis on hyperlinked, large graphics, rather than smaller “click here” buttons. Even consider mobile apps that your customers can download to their smartphones.
    3. Customer Experience and Satisfaction is a MUST – More and more buyers in the B2B industry are looking for P2P (person to person). For all of the effort that you put into getting new customers, make sure you are putting just as much emphasis on your current customer base. Make sure you have a system in place to assess your customer satisfaction, and use their feedback to help determine how best to market to prospects.
    4. Your Marketing Efforts must match your Industry! – If you are a technology company in 2016 that offers the best-in-class solutions, with top notch expertise and service, then your marketing needs to show it! That includes all outbound communication and resources like your website, your email blasts, even down to your logo. You’ve kept up in business in one of the most fast-paced and growing markets, so make sure your marketing doesn’t out-date you.
    5. Visual content will dominate – Not only are attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, but your customers want to be marketed to the same way you do – visually. Videos, infographics, and pictures are becoming more popular and help to reach your mobile audience.

Remember the first and foremost trend that never changes is PLANNING. It saves time and money throughout the year if you have a solid strategic plan in place to help with budgeting and execution.  If you need help getting a yearly strategic marketing plan together (or want to get started on a campaign with any of these trends), Contact the ScanSource Services Marketing Group here to get started today, or call us at 866.370.6712 X5088.  Cheers to a great marketing year in 2016!


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