Main Benefits of Adopting E-Citation

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Guest Contributor: Dan Bodnar, Director of Product Management, Intermec

Intermec has long been helping public sector organizations do more with less. With declining budgets and increasing demand for services, public sector organizations are under more pressure to tighten processes and spend tax dollars wisely. Police are among a growing list of public sector organizations that are increasingly looking to speed productivity. And no matter how much we all wish traffic citations and parking tickets would just disappear, having officials speed up the process a bit more would not only help them streamline their efficiency, but also improve safety, increase revenue and reduce errors.

Here are some of the main benefits of adopting e-citation:

Increased Productivity:

  • Average time to issue a moving violation with a paper-based ticket: 10-15 minutes
  • Average time to issue an electronic ticket: two minutes

The time savings, when applied to multiple officers each day, saves thousands of hours of paperwork time each year.

Increased Accuracy:

It’s easy to imagine the errors associated with hand-written tickets. Names spelled wrong, addresses transcribed wrong, missing information – the list can go on and on. Errors, which national studies have claimed 20-30 percent of all tickets contain, invalidate citations, causing them to be dismissed after court review. Legible, accurate citations can provide a deterrent to challenges, allowing for increased revenue. With even a 10 percent reduction in errors, revenue and overall ROI would increase dramatically.

Increased Revenue:

If you think about 20-30 percent of tickets having errors causing them to be dismissed, that’s a lot of revenue that budget-strapped agencies are missing out on. Think of it this way – an average city might issue 200,000 citations a year, and with a modest 10 percent decrease in errors, at an average of $70 per ticket, agencies could experience more than $1 million in increased revenue when multiplied by the 20,000 additional citations they might collect on per year.

Increased Efficiency:

With e-ticketing systems, whether using a mobile computer, laptop or PDA, tickets are sent directly into the court system. As you can imagine, this process is usually backlogged and can take several days or even weeks to process. With e-ticketing, the information is immediately available in the records database.

Increased Safety:

An Associated Press article noted U.S. police fatalities have increased by 43 percent in 2010, with half of the deaths coming from car or motorcycle crashes where the officers were outside of their vehicle. One of the major contributing factors is the police officer’s dangerous proximity to oncoming traffic.  The longer the traffic stops, the longer the police officer is at risk standing on the side of the road. An electronic ticketing solution enables police officers to process traffic stops almost 44 percent faster, significantly increasing officer safety, according to an article on government site

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