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In order to use the Catalyst ConfigTool v6 and higher you must have a Catalyst FastQuote user ID and password.  If you do not have a FastQuote user ID and password then go to https://fastquote.catalysttelecom.com/signup.aspx to request access.

Requesting Access to FastQuote/Catalyst ConfigTool

Access to FastQuote and the Catalyst ConfigTool has to be approved by your Catalyst account manager.  You can submit a request by going to https://fastquote.catalysttelecom.com/signup.aspx.  After the necessary information has been filled out and the Submit button has been pressed, your Catalyst account manager will receive an email notifying them that you have requested access.  Once approved, you will receive an email with your user ID and password.

Signing Into the Catalyst ConfigTool

Once you have access you can download the Catalyst ConfigTool from the Catalyst Telecom web site located here.  There will not be a password on the zip file like there has been in the past.  You must extract the ConfigTool from the zip file in order to use it.  If you run the ConfigTool straight from the zip file you will not be able to sign in.

The Catalyst ConfigTool is a macro driven Microsoft Excel Workbook.  You can view the supported versions of Microsoft Office here.  The Catalyst ConfigTool does utilize both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Once the ConfigTool starts you will be asked to sign in using your FastQuote user ID and password.  Enter your information then press the Submit button.  You the Cancel button is press the ConfigTool will close.

If you are validated correctly then you will be able to press Continue.

If you are not validated then the message box will explain why access was denied.


Once you sign into the ConfigTool you should not have to sign in again unless you delete the Catalyst ConfigTool History.xls file.  This file is automatically created if it does not already exist.  The History file also must reside in the same directory as the Catalyst ConfigTool.


Checking Connection Status

The ConfigTool will show your connection status in the top toolbar of the ConfigTool.


You can also check your connection status by going to HelpConfigTool Management – Login Status/Preferences.


Logging in as a Different User

You can log in as a different user from two different areas.

First by going to HelpConfigTool Management – Login Status/Preferences.  There you will see a link labeled Sign in as a different user.  Click this and you will be taken to the login screen.


The second way is from the main menu go to File then Sign in as a different user.          


Using the ConfigTool without an Internet Connection

There are no issues using the ConfigTool if no internet connection is found.  The only time you have to be connected to the internet is when you log into the ConfigTool for the first time.  The ConfigTool will check once a day to see if your access is still valid but only if connected to the internet.

If you start the ConfigTool and it cannot reach the Catalyst Telecom server then you status will be offline.

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