Introducing the New Mitel Connect Mobile App Designed with the Customer in Mind

by Jessica Duvall on October 13, 2017 · 0 comments

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Where we work and how we conduct business has never been more flexible. Nearly half of all workers say they put in time off the clock and more than half answer emails outside the office, according to new research by CareerBuilder. On the commute to work, we might join a regular conference call while stuck in traffic. We listen to voicemail on the subway, respond to questions via text during lunch, and answer email at home after dinner. These are just more signs that business increasingly happens on the go, which means that quite often, we handle these tasks using our mobile devices.

This makes simple, easy-to-use communications technology an imperative, which is why Mitel recently launched the new and improved Mitel Connect mobile apps for iOS and Android. In redesigning the app, Mitel took great care to focus on the user experience. The result is a modern, elegant design that works the way you do.

User-Centered Design (UCD) is the process of designing a tool, such as a web site or application, from the user’s perspective. The idea is that users shouldn’t have to adapt their attitudes and behaviors to the new interface. Instead, the experience should be determined by their existing beliefs, attitudes and behaviors as they relate to the tasks that the app will help them accomplish.

So rather than let features guide the redesign, Mitel focused on how users wanted to interact with the app. They began by reviewing usage data to understand which tasks users undertake most frequently, such as calling a contact or joining a conference. They then re-engineered the experience to simplify the workflows needed for each, and refined the design by incorporating feedback from users.

With its user-designed features, the new Connect for iOS and Android connects employees and colleagues more quickly so that they can focus more time on achieving business goals, and conduct business easily from anywhere.

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