Intermec PD42: How to Select Emulations (Universal Firmware)

by ScanSource Technical Services on January 11, 2011

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The PD41 and PD42 printers come loaded with five different printer command languages. Follow the
instructions below to configure your printer with the desired emulation.
PD41 Selecting Emulation:
When you power on your new PD41 – the unit will default to FINGERPRINT firmware – in order to
change the firmware you will need to use the web browser configuration method or use PrintSet to
select one of the different emulations. We will show you the configuration method using the web
To connect the printer to your Ethernet network

  • With the printer powered off connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port in the rear of the
    printer and connect the other end to your network.
  • Turn the printer on. Wait for the blue Ready-to-Work LED to stop blinking. An IP address is now
    assigned to the printer via DHCP.

  • Turn the printer off.
  • Press and hold down the blue Print button.
  • Keep the Print button pressed down, and turn on the power switch. After about ten seconds the
    printer enters Testmode and three of the front LEDs start flashing one at a time.
  • Release the Print button at the appropriate time to establish the media settings. Each of the
    LEDs (except the Power LED) represent a media type according to the following table:

  • The printer will print several test labels containing the printer’s setup parameters. It will then
    enter Dumpmode. On one of the test labels printed you will see the assigned IP Address that we
    will need in the next step.
  • Press the Print button once to exit Dumpmode.

Using the web browser configuration utility to configure the PD41

  • On your PC, enter the IP address of the printer in the address field of your web browser (for
    example and press Enter.

  • You will see the screen below – click Configuration – you will be prompted for a username and
    password – they are admin and pass by default.
  • Click Emulation and select the emulation mode for your specific application.
  • Click Submit Setup to save this setting.

PD42 Selecting Emulation:
When you power on your new PD42 you will be prompted with the following menu option on the front

Press the soft key that corresponds to the printer language you want to run on your printer.

If for some reason you have selected the incorrect emulation for your application or have the need to
change emulations, you can change emulations using the following method.

To change the printer command language from the PD42 Setup menu

  • Press the Setup button.
  • Press until you see PRINT DEFS and then press .
  • Press until you see CMD LANGUAGE and then press .
  • Press until you reach the command language you want to use, and then press .
  • Press to exit the Setup menu.

Instructions also available for download.

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