Identify Your Value Proposition: Session 5

by Mark Frasco on January 4, 2011 · 0 comments

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If you were to talk to your customers about what THEY value about YOUR organization, what would they say? Even further, if you were to ask them what the tangible difference is or the implication to their business was as a result of your delivering that value, what would they say? The answers to these questions are the true value you supply – your value propositions. Every feature of your business or perceived benefit you deliver should be converted into a value proposition that you and your team can communicate to your customers and future customers.

Value propositions punctuate your elevator speech; they are front and center on all printed materials and your website and are sprinkled prominently in your presentations and proposals. Most of what you and your organization project to the market and talk about with your customers should be in alignment with your value propositions. These statements remind your market of the tangible difference that your organization delivers.

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