How to Configure Your Business with ScanSource’s Custom Configuration Center

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ScanSource offers a variety of value ads as part of our list of services; however, it is one of the lesser-known services that perhaps offers the biggest impact. The Custom Configuration Center (CCC), located centrally in our Southaven, Miss., distribution center, allows our customers to purchase their hardware products, have them configured on-site and then shipped from one location. Customers once needed to purchase equipment and then either configure or assemble it themselves. With the CCC, you no longer lose the time products are shipping, configured, and then shipping again. As a result, your products are accurately shipped and your downtime is minimal.

The CCC is an expansion of your team and resources without adding to your company overhead. You’ll have access to a 30,000-square-foot, ISO 9001-certified configuration center within our warehouse. Our specialty technicians are trained so you don’t have to be the expert and can focus more on sales and customer relationships. Further, all units are fully tested so you’re not having to put out fires caused by DOAs.

In addition to software and server hardware integration, the CCC can configure and test products, execute key injections, and assemble payment terminal solutions. Further, our tech team performs integration services such as IP addressing, firmware downloading and kitting to complex custom jobs. Each job is as intricate or as simple as you need it to be, and no two customers are alike. The CCC allows you to maximize your resources while minimizing your time to deployment.

For those with more specialized needs, we understand POS and barcode equipment often comes with a unique set of configuration needs. Just some of the examples of projects performed at the CCC include:
• Diagnostic testing
• Hardware/software burn-in
• Custom image management for customer supplied and/or ScanSource-generated
• Adding memory to a POS workstation
• Configure barcode scanning equipment

Comprising 30,000 square feet of our 600,000-square-foot warehouse, the CCC shipped out 179,747 units in 2015. While these numbers are impressive, they aren’t nearly as important as the dollars and hours you’ll save when using the CCC. Because you aren’t invoiced until your product is configured and shipped, you’ll theoretically be able to extend your credit terms and receive payment for your own sale much quicker. Not having to employ your own tech team or ship out items to new vendors for integration and configuration services means you’re shortening the time from invoice to payment in hand. Our 200+ ESD work benches provide flexible scale and enhanced capacity for your items, while our 2-5 day turnaround time and 99.96% success rate means you’re able to work more efficiently.

The CCC features a secure, dedicated, and scalable facility and staff. As a certified ESO, we can assist all payments customers with a wealth of services including key injections, CTGA TR-39 certification and debit and data management.

To get started with the CCC please reach out to your sales rep or Andrew Catlin at and set up some time to talk more. Together we’ll be able to create a custom solution that allows you to improve your cash flow.

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