Halloween at ScanSource Headquarters – Scarily Successful!

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We often hear that it’s the people and the fun times that make ScanSource a top company to work for. Many of the fun times we have at ScanSource are grassroots, dancing-in-the-hallways-type activities – but more of them are memorable, exciting company- and vendor-sponsored events planned by our internal events team.

One of the most-anticipated events of the year is our Halloween celebration.  Always on the Friday before (or the day of) Halloween and always generously sponsored by our vendor partners.  Here are some of the highlights of the event…

During the month prior, we send fun emails saving the date and teasing the upcoming festivities, posters around the office, and other fun promotions to get employees excited

The day of:

  • Pizza lunch for the office
  • Costume Contest  (Groups and Individuals)
  • Department Decorating Judging
  • Employee kids arrive and begin trick-or-treating around the building

Here’s what really makes ScanSource Halloween great:

  • Costume Participation – we always worry about participation up until the last minute, but something happens on “ScanSource Halloween Eve” and people pull out all the stops on their costumes at home.  Participants create elaborate skits with props and scripts like no other.  ScanSource offers prizes-a-plenty to encourage more participation.  This is where the memories (and great videos for future events) are made!
  • Family Involvement – it’s so special to have an afternoon to show off your kids (and their brand new hand-made-by-grandma pirate costume) to your co-workers.  The kids also look forward to coming to mommy or daddy’s workplace every year for this event.
  • Over-the-Top Decorating – you wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the decorations that have been pulled off by departments at ScanSource.  From Candyland, to the Wizard of Oz, to a zoo complete with caged employees as animals at their cubes – we go all out.  And not only that, the kids LOVE it when they come through to trick-or-treat!
  • Vendor Sponsorship – not only do the employees have a great day full of fun and surprises – our awesome vendors support and fund the activities.  They’re committed to the culture just as much as we are.  All vendor sponsors are invited to judge the costume and decorating contests as well – and believe me, they enjoy it just as much, if not more, than the employees do.

What does your company do for Halloween and other local holidays?

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