As data rates increase in the Enterprise LAN 10/100 or Fast Ethernet is quickly being moved out and replaced with Gigbit switching.  Some manufacturers and lines do not even offer a 10/100 product.  Below is a quick overview of the Gigabit offerings available today from manufacturers Catalyst distributes.

Adtran NetVanta 1530 series is a Layer 2, 26 port Gigabit solution.  PoE is an option on this series.  24 ports are copper only.  2 ports are SFP, typically used for fiber optic transceivers.  This switch is Layer 2 only, it understands VLANs (802.1Q) but will not forward between these VLANs.  Vendor Information.

Extreme BlackDiamond series is a chassis based solution.  The BD8800 is the most common solution here.  While the 20K, 12K, and 10K are available they are typcially targetd at the Carrier networks.  The BD8800 comes in 2 flavors of chassis 6 slot, and 10 slot.  One slot must be used for a management module, leaving up to 5 or 9 slots available for edge ports.  Gigabit copper ports are available on 48 port blades in several flavors that include POE options.  By far the 8800 has the most options of any Gigabit solution.  Vendor Information

Extreme Summit series has 2 options, the X350 and X450.  These options focus on the cost effective L2 only X350, and the robust L3 stackable X450.  Both have PoE options, and support up to 10G optics modules.  Vendor Information X350 and Vendor Information X450e

Juniper EX series is a gigabit only line featuring a stackable (EX-4200) and non-stackable (EX-3200) solutions.  Both switches have L3 capability, and up to 10G optics available.  The Juniper EX line is the only switch to offer a 1 rack unit switch that offers 48 ports of fully redundant PoE.  The modular architecture of the EX allows for upto 2 power supplies at 930W each, more than enough to provide for 48 ports of 15.4W that Class 3 devices demand.  Vendor Information

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