When it comes to Honeywell’s new Mobility Edge™ platform, all you need is ScanSource. We have it—and all the latest, best-of-breed products, in stock and ready to ship—along with the knowledge and resources you need to sell them. But first, we want to make sure you understand the benefits of upgrading to a Mobility Edge™ device.

Mobility Edge™ is a unique platform designed to make building, deploying, managing, and extending the lifecycle of mobile solutions easier for customers, with less risk and at lower cost to their businesses. In simpler terms, it’s a chip set (the hardware) running a program (the software) to create a platform that can be inserted not only into one specific device, but into whatever devices are needed—allowing customers to create a more connected, more adaptable work environment.

The benefits of Mobility Edge™ are many, so Honeywell groups them by their goals*:

Extended lifecycle  – Honeywell and Qualcomm co-developed a solution that ensures longer lifecycle and enterprise support—meaning the hardware in a Mobility Edge™ device is built to last, and can handle updates through 2023. Through Honeywell’s partnership with Google, Mobility Edge™ products support four Android releases, rather than only two, so devices last longer.

Accelerated deployment – Mobility Edge™ lets you validate once and deploy everywhere, saving you money up front. Because the chip set that runs this platform is the same across multiple form factors, you can select the best one for operations and essentially still have one product as far as applications development/qualification, testing, deployment, and tech support are concerned.

Optimized performance – Mobility Edge™ offers faster data capture, easier setup of user preferences and access to key apps, a movable scan trigger, hot-swappable battery capability, wireless tether, Find My Device, scan and voice wedge, and enterprise termination emulation. It’s currently the best-of-breed option of any mobility product on the market. Its upgraded features and the newest Android operating system mean you’re getting an ideal product for your customers’ needs.

Buy Honeywell products through ScanSource, and you gain our value-added benefits like flexible financing, tech support from our Honeywell-trained team, demo-product availability, and marketing services. Contact your ScanSource sales rep, or call 800.944.2432 for more info. 


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