Gaining Executive Access When Selling: Session 4

by Scott Anschuetz on December 15, 2010 · 0 comments

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Call higher, it’s what we are told over and over. Is that really a news flash for anyone reading this blog? The joke is: we don’t get ideas on how to call higher or what to do to make this a possibility. So here is my idea – try throwing away a letter and then sending it again to the executive. Yes, I said throw it away and then send it. See the whole post for more info.

First and foremost – don’t wing it. Do your research and determine what key business drivers the target executive might be dealing with.

Don’t you dare try to blow by the Executive Assistant or make up an excuse for your call. You will only be caught flatfooted and you were underhanded in making it happen should you get the senior executive to take the call. Be honest, bottom line is if you can’t convince the EA, odds are your “shtick” won’t work when you get to the executive anyway, so get it right.

Be creative, remember, today we are all overloaded with information. We have to filter out what we don’t need. The same is true for the executive.

Here is a great idea – write a letter make it short and sweet as we have discussed before. Align to the executive’s business issue – talk about problems you have helped others solve and the quantifiable business impact this has had with other companies. Send the note. Follow up and if you don’t get a response. Print another copy of your letter and CRUMBLE it up – then flatten it back out, put a post it note on it and say I believe you threw this away by accident. Mail it off to your executive.

Surprise – you will have caught their attention, and most likely when you follow up with a call the EA will also know about it. It’s a good laugh and a decent opener.

Great selling!

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