Free Marketing: Every VAR’s Dream?

by Amanda Williams on March 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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Free marketing at your fingertips? Yes, it’s possible. We’ve all heard the latest buzz about social media and how it’s going to take businesses to a new level, but where to start and how to take full advantage of it is the question of the day. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… all things that made me cringe at the thought of having to learn yet another technology and remember yet another password. I do recall crossing my arms and refusing to join Facebook for at least the first three years it existed. But I finally caved and realized that not getting plugged in was going to leave me high and dry in this fast-paced world of technology. What I soon learned is how easy it truly is!

Why not put yourself where your customers are? If 200,000 people were standing in Times Square and you were offered a free digital billboard advertisement that would display in front of that entire audience, would you turn down that opportunity? If you said yes, then you may have a fever. No way would you turn it down! Now just think, Facebook reaches hundreds of millions of people every day. They are sharing recommendations, watching videos, attending events, networking and so much more. This is one free advertising opportunity that small businesses almost can’t afford to miss out on.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies by Paul Dunay and Richard Krueger is a great read that covers all the basics, such as:

  • Getting more attention from search engines
  • Unlimited global fan base and potential new clients
  • New ways to engage your audience
  • ROI Tracking of promotions and activity
  • Easy event hosting

Having the right marketing strategy in place for your social media efforts is important for success. Your strategy should focus on building relationships, communicating positive information about your company, staying focused, protecting your privacy, maintaining authenticity and analyzing the metrics. Do your research, and make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest updates to the social media vehicle you choose.

As a marketing professional, I would never recommend having only one marketing vehicle as your sole avenue for marketing your business, as you should always consider that each individual has a preference on how they would like to be contacted. Some prefer telephone, some email, some prefer to have something physical in their hands, and of course, there are those that prefer to seek you out instead. For maximum effectiveness, try a happy mix of them all

Are you on Facebook? If so, is it business, personal, or a mix of both? I’ve found it hard to keep it focused solely on personal, as I become friends with so many people in my network. Another testimony to the power of Facebook and Social Networking!

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Amanda Williams is the Avaya Product Marketing Manager for ScanSource in Greenville, SC. She has more than 10 years of experience in strategic marketing planning on behalf of vendors and partners, specializing in events, lead generation and e-marketing.

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