Ever get lost in a government office?

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I know I have! In Greenville, we have a series of offices all clumped together with names such as Public Health, Probate Court, Tax Office, etc. Some of these are obvious as to what you do there but some aren’t. The reason I know this is because I needed a copy of my birth certificate and had to go to these offices and try to figure out where to go to get it. Birth certificates are a part of Vital Records, which is a part of DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control), so I went to the DHEC office (of course!), walked all over the building looking for an actual office or open door so that I could ask someone where to go and once I finally found someone, I was told to get back in my car and drive across the street to another office. The DHEC office I was in focused on the environmental control and the office across the street dealt with health. So I got back into my car and went to another office and roamed around until I found what I was looking for there. It was great (note the sarcasm). Why am I telling you all this? Because I doubt Greenville County is the only place in the USA that has confusing government offices and building titles.

What’s the solution? I know a lot of government budgets are constrained and cannot afford a manned information/welcome desk at the offices (which would have been very helpful, by the way). They need DIGITAL SIGNAGE! It’s a hot topic right now and think of all the government buildings that would benefit from this type of technology. If only there had been a large digital display in the lobby so that I could type in what I was looking for and get a map or at least an office number for where to go to find it. It would have saved me at least 20 minutes (and they would have had a much happier patron at the DHEC office)!

Do you have other examples of where/how digital signage would benefit the public sector? Let me know your thoughts!


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