Don’t Get Caught with your VoIP down!

by Susan Abernathy on September 17, 2012 · 1 comment

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Here’s the thing… some companies have tremendous experience in data networks, while others primarily have knowledge of voice networks. Few possess the know-how and skill to build a converged network that would reliably transport data, voice and IP video. Let’s review some facts…

Fact 1 The performance of an IP solution is dependent on network performance.

Fact 2 All IP is NOT the same!
Data, voice and IP video have different IP packet delivery requirements.

Fact 3 Bandwidth is the most recommended but often the most expensive solution to network problems.

Fact 4 A properly implemented converged network optimizes a technology budget.

What the Facts Tell Us

EVERY data network that is now being asked to support IP solutions for the first time will need additional design and configuration considerations before IP is deployed.

A network assessment determines baseline metrics for overall performance and capacity of your customer’s network. The test results will indicate the adjustments that are needed, if any, to support sensitive applications, such as VoIP or IP Video. It also provides insight for future applications and growth. Implementing a VoIP or IP Video solution without testing is like working in a minefield.

A customer who claims to have plenty of bandwidth should be reminded that it’s not just about bandwidth. The facts above are pretty clear. There are a number of things that need to be considered to ensure that IP packets reach their destination in good shape and on time. An assessment will test for jitter, latency and lost packets… all very important in the VoIP, IP Video and data world. We will also provide recommendations of a course of action if the network needs adjustments.

Some manufacturers have recently announced that unless a network assessment was conducted as proof-of-concept, they will not provide technical support to their resellers. This may be tough love but can you really blame them? Keep one thing in mind – recommending a network assessment brings greater value to your overall proposal. Use it as your competitive edge. Your customer will appreciate that you did not overlook this essential step. Simply said, your customer benefits and you’ll experience first-time implementation success. See our posted documents for more information.

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Susan Abernathy is a Product Manager for ScanSource Services Group. Susan has over 20 years of experience helping resellers with implementation services. She is a contributor to The Source on professional services.

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