Distance Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy

by Alex Britt on September 10, 2014 · 0 comments

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Every company with multiple locations knows that distance is the enemy. Whether you are trying to contact employees in the next state, opposite coast, or across the world, distance causes some major issues.

  • A CEO will likely struggle to grow the company, drive business value, reduce costs, and attract and retain top talent if he cannot connect with employees in different locations.
  •  A customer service representative probably has issues improving customer satisfaction, meeting customer expectations, scaling resources, and managing cultural differences if unable to contact coworkers in other locations who can help mediate customer issues.
  • An engineer may not be able to increase revenue for new products, streamline development processes, reduce and manage development costs, and attract and retain engineering talent if he cannot easily collaborate with other engineers and decision makers.
  • Facilities managers cannot optimize workspaces, streamline project management, remotely inspect, maintain, and launch facilities, or create flexible, collaborative workspaces without physically traveling between offices.
  • Finance professionals cannot easily expand operations, protect existing investments, improve margins, or improve reporting operations without communicating with employees in different locations.
  • A human resource leader cannot easily widen the talent pool, reduce recruitment time, reduce onboarding time, retain top talent, develop talent through training, or implement a flexible work environment if she cannot interact and correspond with other offices.
  • An IT professional will likely struggle to increase growth, deliver operational results, reduce costs, attract and retain top talent, and improve organizational performance without being able to interact with the different technologies and systems each office uses.
  • Marketing executives may not be able to lead company change in response to market changes, shape the company’s public profile, manage complexity while building new capabilities, or lead corporate research if unable to communicate changes and branding to outer offices.
  • Sales representatives will likely struggle to reduce the sales cycle, expand business with existing customers, build trust with customers, connect customers with product engineering, and improve productivity while on the go without being able to communicate with customers and coworkers from customer service, technical support, credit, and purchasing departments face to face.

Polycom_FullColor_LogoAll of the distance limitations mentioned above are big issues. However, when organizations optimize their collaboration with Polycom video solutions, distance is no longer the enemy. Polycom video solutions may not be able to eliminate the miles that stretch between meeting rooms and conference rooms, but they can eliminate misunderstandings, time, and revisions that are often the consequence of that distance.

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Alex Britt is a Product Manager on the Polycom team at ScanSource Communications. Before moving over to ScanSource Communications and joining the Polycom team, Alex managed relationships with twenty-five vendor partners for ScanSource Security. First joining the ScanSource team in 2011, Alex is a contributor to The Source on all things Polycom.

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