Datamax-O’Neil Mark III: How to Set Up the Ethernet Card

by ScanSource Technical Services on August 1, 2011

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Network Card Setup
The Print Server makes IP requests at power-up, so before making a network connection to the printer consider how your IP addressing needs to be assigned. The IP addressing of the Internal Ethernet Print Server can be configured in one of two ways: Using a static IP Address or Using IP Discovery (DHCP, BootP, or RARP). At factory default settings, IP DISCOVERY is enabled.

    1. With Printer Off, connect the network cable then turn ON Printer.
    2. The printer will now search for a DHCP server. Allow up to 90 seconds for the printer to retrieve an IP address.
    3. At this point it is recommended to print a Network Report. This Network Report is generated by the printer and lists important default information such as the IP and MAC Addresses.
      To print the Network Report, press and hold the button for 5 seconds (release when LED blinks orange).


  1. Verify the printer has obtained a valid IP address for your network. If a valid IP address was not obtained or you wish to use a different static continue through Wired Configuration – Static IP Address below.

Wired Configuration – Static IP Address
DMXConfig (located on the Accessories CD-ROM) is a Windows based configuration utility that allows the user to make changes to the existing printer setup via a direct connection to the host computers serial and parallel connection. This is a vital tool for the use and configuration of wired and wireless printer setup.

Note: The following example uses the DMXConfig software utility to configure the printer.

    1. Connect the host to the printer with a serial, parallel, or (USB cable if driver is installed). Also connect the network cable to the rear of the printer.
    2. Turn ON the printer and launch the DMXConfig utility.
    3. Click on the port or the printer you wish to connect to from the list.
    4. Query the printer by using the Query Printer toolbar button (top-left) or the large ‘Query’ button in the green box. This will connect to the printer and get the current printer settings.

    1. Click on the “Network” Tab, then click on the Network Report button. The Network Report will list the current network settings of the printer, including the MAC and IP Addresses.

    1. Click on the Wired Ethernet Configuration button. First select the ‘Disabled’ radio button. Then enter valid values (within yournetwork’s range) for the following fields:
      • Printer IP Address
      • Printer Subnet Mask
      • Printer Gateway

    1. Send the settings to the printer using the Configure Printer toolbar button.
    2. The printer will reset and will connect to your network with the values you specified. Once the previous steps have been successfully completed you may now use the IP

Instructions also available for download.

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