Datamax-O’Neil M-Class: Installing the Peel and Present Option

by ScanSource Technical Services on October 15, 2011

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Installing and Using the Peel and Present Assembly with the Datamax M Class


NOTE: Peel and Present requires the Internal Rewinder option.

Contents of the Peel and Present Kit
This kit contains the following items:

    • Peel and Present Mechanism

  • Assist Roller
  • Bushing

Preparing the Printer


  1. Turn ‘Off’ the Power Switch and unplug the printer.

  1. Open the cover. Press in Latch and raise the Printhead Mechanism.
  2. Remove any media from the printer.
  3. Remove the Fascia by gently pulling it forward.

  1. Loosen and remove the Thumbscrew, then remove the Tear Plate.

  1. Using a #2 Philips head screwdriver, remove the Screw that secures the Side Plate to the printer.

  1. Remove the Side Plate

  1. Using a #2 Philips head screwdriver, remove the Screw that secures the Bearing Cap to the printer.

  1. Remove the Bearing Cap and the Hole Plug.

Installing the Assist Roller


  1. Insert the Assist Roller, as shown, gears first into the printer.

  1. Pivot the other end of the roller into the Bearing Block.

  1. Insert the Bushing completely into the Bearing Block.

  1. While holding the Assist Roller Bearing against the Centerplate, replace the Bearing Cap.

  1. Hold the Bearing Cap in place and secure it with the Screw.

  1. Replace the Side Plate and start, but do not tighten the Screw.

  1. Ensure that the Leveling Cam is loose, and then close and latch the Printhead Assembly.

  1. While pushing down on the Printhead Assembly, as shown, pull down on the Side Plate and tighten the Screw.

Verify Latch Operation:


Open and close the Printhead Assembly, verify that the Latch is fully engaged. If you are unable to get the Printheadto latch, the Side Plate is too low.

Pressing down on the Printhead Assembly should not cause the Latch to loosen or reveal any gap at the latch point. If there is a gap or movement in the Latch then the Side Plateis too high.

Print some sample labels. If degraded print quality or ribbon tracking problems are observed then the Side Plate is not positioned correctly.

Installing the Peel & Present Mechanism


  1. Position the Peel and Present Mechanism for mounting on the front of the printer.

  1. Tighten the Mounting Screw to secure the mechanism to the printer.

Using the Peel and Present Mechanism


  1. Press in the Latch to open the mechanism.
  2. Swing the Mechanism open.
  3. Load the printer with media.
  4. Load media into the printer as you normally would for tear-off operation, however, extend an additional 12 inches (30 cm) of media out the front of the printer.

  1. From this 12 inches (30 cm) of media, remove all of the labels, so that only the Backing Material remains.
  2. Route the Backing Material under the Assist Roller and around the Internal Rewinder.

  1. Put the leading edge of the Media into a Slot on the Internal Rewinder and insert the Media Clip. Be sure the leading edge of the Media is cut square and that is inserted evenly into the slot.

  1. Manually rotate the Internal Rewinder to remove slack from the Media. Close Peel and Present Mechanism.

  1. Plug in and turn ‘On” the printer. After initialization, press the FEED Button to align the next label to the top of form position. (If a peeled label is presented, remove it to proceed.) The printer is now ready for on-demand use.

Enabling Peel and Present through the Printer’s Front Panel


  1. Press the Menu Button and scroll down to Printer Options. Press Enter.
  2. Scroll to Present Sensor. Hit Enter.
  3. Select Mode. Hit Enter.
  4. Select Enabled. Hit Enter.
  5. Hit the Menu Button till the printer ask you to Save Changes. Select Yes.

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