Creating Value When Selling By Solving Business Problems: Session 3

by Scott Anschuetz on November 8, 2010 · 0 comments

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Problems are the key to your success in moving deals along quickly in your pipeline. Yes, problems, not the ones you may first think of when I say problems in your sales opportunities. But nonetheless, problems are where we can build differentiated value.

I want you for a moment to list your strongest asset or key differentiator. Think about it. Do you have it in your mind? Now is there value in that for your prospects? “YES!” you will say. The truth is – there is NO value in that strength or key capability to the prospect. ZERO – ZILCH! But wait, how can I say that? Real value doesn’t come from that capability – the value comes if, and only if, the PROSPECT SEES IT SOLVING A PROBLEM for them. So, does your capability or strength have value? Yes, if it solves a problem. We do not win deals based on our unique strengths. Those strengths don’t mean anything unless we link them to problems. We need to be problem probing experts not solution selling experts. We must think about our unique capabilities and then list problems that they can solve prior to a sales call. When we have that list of problems we must then spend time working to uncover those problems early in the campaign by asking better probing questions. When the prospect admits to having one of our problems we should work to get value accrued to solving that problem. After we have built value into solving the problem, we can then tell the prospect we are the only ones who can solve it. That way we are building differentiated value. This is the best type of value to have in your deal – Differentiated Value!

Follow this stepped process to mitigate discounting and build differentiated value.

  1. List your capabilities
  2. Link these to problems
  3. Create probing questions to lead your prospect to uncovering these problems.
  4. Build value to solving the problems with your prospect.
  5. Once they agree to the value let your prospect know you are the only provider to solve the problem(s).

Result of this effort: Differentiated, justifiable value -allowing you to maintain your price premium.

Good luck – best of selling to you. As always, let me know how to help.

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With more than 20 years of direct sales, sales management and leadership experience, including consistent top achiever, Scott Anschuetz leads, coaches and motivates sales forces. He combines an accomplished track record of achievement with real world practical applications in leading Visualize, the company he founded in 2003. Visualize delivers excellence and results for the sales teams at: Avaya, Biz360, Citrix, Kana, Mercury Interactive, newScale, Onyx,, Siemens, Motorola, SuccessFactors, Telus and others. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Oakland University.

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