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by Kevin Price on November 21, 2011 · 0 comments

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In 2011, three big things came together that I believe over the course of the next few years will redefine the technology sector: mobility, cloud computing and the “as a Service” model.

Apple iOS and Android have taken over the consumer smart phone space and created the tablet sector. They are both expanding exponentially and not just in the consumer space. Organizations now have the opportunity to connect to every employee, customer and partner through these devices no matter where they are. Apple was the big winner in the enterprise mobile space this year, but I suspect next year and beyond will belong to the more diverse Android ecosystem.

The Cloud, as we all know, is not one thing. The architecture of the multi-tenant SaaS applications delivered through a secure browser or mobile app has an enormous cost and performance advantage over on-premise, private cloud and even public/private hybrids. In this model, a small team with deep domain expertise in a particular vertical or horizontal problem set can create an application that addresses big process automation problems for an entire global market of users, for a few pennies per user, per day. As the trend continues, you will see an almost infinite library of solutions become available that require no customer delivery model or infrastructure other than the end point computing, communication and data collection.

With macro-economic conditions continuing to put pressure on capital expenditure budgets and IT payroll, these two massive shifts are changing the way technology is acquired and used. The IT department will no longer be the selection and implementation driver; the operational business unit can subscribe to an entire solution with all the hardware, service and support rolled in to one package. The “as a Service” component of all of this is the key, and I predict is going to become a much larger part of the IT industry.

Kevin Price, AccuCode

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Kevin Price is the founder and CEO of Accucode. At 19-years old, Accucode is one of the largest privately held companies in Colorado, with customers all over the world. Today, in addition to its' original VAR business unit, Accucode includes three commercial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product offerings, a nationwide professional services practice and a managed services division. Kevin is a true entrepreneur. He loves technology, business, science, finance and just about any other nerdy topic you can think of. He believes that within every problem there is an opportunity. He’s spent 19-years refining the art of bootstrap entrepreneurship and loves to share his insights with pretty much anyone willing to ask or listen.

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