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by Kristin Gaboriault on February 26, 2018 · 0 comments

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There are three big reasons why you should be attaching headsets to your UC solutions, and they’re the reasons you should do anything in this business: your customers need them, your customers want them, and they add significantly to your bottom line.

Today’s open offices paired with the growing trends of working from home/on the road and BYOD policies mean employees require devices that eliminate external disturbances, for effective communication over calls, and efficiency while performing office-related tasks. This increasing demand for mobility and portability has led to a surge in the adoption of UC-enabled devices that allow multitasking and convenience.

According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the overall market opportunity is $1.54B for the headset market this year, which is up 18.5% from 2016. And, according to their 2017 Jabra Market Model, the corded headset market is experiencing a growth rate of 35%, while the wireless headset market is flying by that with a growth rate of 57%. A report from Grand View Research predicts that, while both segments will continue to grow, wireless headsets will continue to outpace wired headsets.

Currently, corded headsets have the largest demand, in terms of volume, owing to the simple plug-and-play application and affordability of these headsets. However, the wireless headsets segment is estimated to emerge as the fastest-growing segment, owing to their ease of use while on the go. These wireless headsets used for office purposes are lightweight and enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that allows employees to use headsets while away from office premises.

As a leading provider of both corded and wireless headsets, Jabra is an ideal partner to complete your UC solutions. Hundreds of hours of research and meticulous engineering go into each Jabra product, and they understand what it takes to create best-in-class sound solutions. But it doesn’t stop there. They also offer a full complement of services and tools to help you close the deal and add to your bottom line.

Some common misconceptions regarding selling and supporting headsets cause many resellers to shy away. Jabra addresses this with expert tools and support that will overcome any initial fears you may have, so you can get down to making some serious profits.

Support Issues

Jabra provides 100% post-sale support for warranty/return issues. They even have a dedicated end-user support line. There’s a separate support line available to assist you as well.

Partner Support Line: 888.458.0486

End-User Support Line: 866.697.8757 or

Lengthy Authorization Process Woes

Gone. Jabra’s online application process only takes two minutes and is typically approved in 24 hours or less. Apply here:

Compatibility Challenges

No worries! Jabra offers an online compatibility tool. All you do is select the phone model they have and the entire list of compatible headsets will come up. Check it out by visiting the Business Solutions section at

Selling the Value to My Customer

Jabra has an ROI tool that you can use to show your customer how quickly they will recover their investment in Jabra headsets. The tool also considers time saved and revenue generated, which gives you a solid case to add this to your proposal. Check out the tool at

And, possibly the most important reason you should be adding headsets to your solutions is that your customers are getting them from someone. And if not you… then who? Providing the total solution is the best way to grow your business and keep the customers you have. Want to learn more? Contact your dedicated ScanSource Jabra BD rep at

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