Cloudy With a Chance of Pain…

by Tom Walker on April 18, 2011 · 0 comments

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Pain for whom? Pain for YOU if you aren’t paying attention to the Cloud. Friday, I wrote about the idea of using Google Apps to short-circuit Microsoft’s plan for inter-stellar domination in the UC space.  Today, my proposed strategy received a worthy retort by early signs that Microsoft just may be getting it right with their Microsoft 365 solution (example.) Nonetheless, I think it’s safe to assume we have a battle royale on our hands between Microsoft and Google which will have far reaching impact on your business as a UC and/or infrastructure VAR.

The real question isn’t which solution is better, but  how do both cloud migration scenarios play out in the context of your business? If your clients migrate to Google’s platform, how does that impact your ability to sell UC and/or infrastructure. Should you hasten that migration to block Microsoft from picking up the UC piece? Will customers trust business-critical, real-time voice and UC to the public cloud? How can you play in the context of customer’s migration to Office 365?

Or do you just continue to take a frontal, block and tackle approach on UC opportunities as they arise (I hope not)? What is your story? Where do you play? What’s your vision? What problems can you mitigate? What perils do your clients face with both Microsoft and Google? How can you squeeze money out of this situation? Why does anyone listen to Lady Ga Ga?

At the turn of the century, we saw Cisco stealthily gain UC marketshare by planting ISR’s (Integrated Services Routers) at branch locations right under out noses, only to turn up voice on said ISR’s while we were snoozing. What we are seeing now is very similar in that the choice they make now (or have already made) on messaging and collaboration will provide a path of least resistance to UC.

Have an opinion on this with your customers. Understand the advantages and perils of cloud vs premise, private cloud vs public cloud, google vs. microsoft. Find a way to (a) insert yourself in your customer’s migrations (see my post yesterday) and (b) direct them down a path that provides them flexibility and you account control.

This will be a hotly debated proposition for your customers. But,as they say: no pain, no gain.

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