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by Doug Rogier on June 9, 2010 · 1 comment

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Sometimes you have issues with the Catalyst ConfigTool password not working when trying to download a new version.  This is because Internet Explorer caches files and if a file that is referenced has the same file name as one in cache it will pull the old one.  This means you are not really downloading the file again, the file is coming from the local system.  To fix this try to clear your IE cache.  This can be done by following these few easy steps:

1) In Internet Explorer (IE) go to Tools then Internet Options  IE Cache Clear: Internet Options


2) Select Delete from under Browsing historyClear Cach: Delete

3) Under Temporary Internet Files select Delete filesClear Cache: Delete Files 2

4) While the files are deleting you should see a progress pop up similar to the one below.  Once this closes press the Close button on the Delete Browsing History page and then Cancel on the Internet Optionspage.  At this point you can download the Catalyst ConfigTool again and the password should work.  Clear Cache: Deleting Files

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