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How Do You UC?

by Doug Rogier March 26, 2014 Mobility
Aruba Avaya Jabra Spectralink

In addition to the blog, you can learn more about UC and how to begin offering a total solution by attending these three web seminars by industry expert Jim Sevier. Using a puzzle-solving theme, he will explain how to first put together the easy pieces and then fill the gaps with ScanSource. Solve the Puzzle Overview – […]

Partner with Aruba Now While the Year is New and the Door is Open!

by LaVonda Huskey January 14, 2014 Enterprise

Aruba Networks’ PartnerEdge Program Enhancements As the ScanSource Product Manager for Aruba, I’m pleased to announce that they’ve recently enhanced their PartnerEdge Program to help their partners keep pace with the rapid change and growth in the enterprise mobility market and reinforce their commitment to them.  The program enhancements offer improved partner enablement and rewards […]

Tool Cool: Cisco’s “The SELL”

by Ashlee Dufek December 2, 2013 Business

The SELL is an amazing online resource for Cisco partners to assist them in becoming more productive, knowledgeable, and competent in selling Cisco solutions.  The Sales Enablement Learning Lifecycle is divided into five key areas, making it super easy to navigate.

Aruba and You – A Winning Combination for the SMB Market

by LaVonda Huskey August 16, 2013 Market Segments

Like all businesses in today’s marketplace, small to mid-sized companies have to be very smart with their time and resources.  It’s even a prudent practice to research vendors and their products before deciding to sell and install them since it can have direct impact on your reputation, revenue and long-term success. Aruba Networks realizes quality, […]

Gain Your Competitive Edge with FASTPATH

by LaVonda Huskey July 1, 2013 Market Segments
Aruba Avaya FastPath

Co-written by Kelly Heneise and LaVonda Huskey ScanSource Catalyst strives to enable you, our value-added resellers, to be more competitive by offering a full portfolio of products to maximize your wallet share.  When you sell complementary products and technologies, you not only increase your margin but you keep the competition at bay.  Those companies who […]

Ramp to Revenue in 90 Days or Less with FASTPATH

by LaVonda Huskey April 17, 2013 Market Segments
Aruba Avaya

Does YOUR distributor make your job easier?  In case you haven’t heard, Catalyst has a new enablement program designed to get you ramped to revenue in 90 days or less.  Avaya and Aruba are both participating in this brand new program for our small- to mid-sized resellers interested in IP Office or wireless infrastructure solutions. […]

Why Avaya IP Office Server Edition Makes Sense

by Doug Rogier January 18, 2013 Catalyst Tech Support

In my almost 20 years of working in the telecommunications industry, I have not seen a telephony solution as versatile as the IP Office Server Edition. Avaya has been able to increase the number of total users on the system to 1,000 on a single site or across multiple sites. This provides an opportunity for […]

Acme Packet offers Comprehensive Solutions for Lync Enterprise Voice

by Ellen Hoyle October 2, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

Acme Packet is now offering solutions that combine the industry’s leading session border control, session management, and trunk-side application server functions into a single offering that accelerates the process of piloting and deploying Lync enterprise voice capabilities. To kick off this new solution, Acme Packet is offering promotional pricing, available for Pilot test programs, Mid-sized […]

Upgrading Polycom SIP and BootROM Versions on IP Phones

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support July 8, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Note: PumpKIN is not software that is distributed or supported by Polycom or ScanSource Communications. It is simply a piece of open source software that we have found to work well for this process Note: In this how-to guide, we utilize TFTP to load the firmware onto Polycom IP Phones. Polycom IP phones can download […]

The Inevitability of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

by Jim Sevier September 13, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

I have been speaking about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for over two years.  In that time, I have come to realize the inevitability of SIP in business and consumer communications.  What I mean by that is, I have come to realize that in order to take the next logical step in HOW we communicate we […]