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Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone Installation for IP Office

by Doug Rogier April 25, 2013 Catalyst Tech Support

This tutorial explains how to install an Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone with IP Office.  The tutorial is divided into two sections. The first section explains the settings that must be configured in the IP Office, and the second explains the settings that must be configured on the phone.

Avaya IP Office Overflow from Hunt Group to Embedded Auto Attendant

by Doug Rogier April 25, 2013 Catalyst Tech Support

This is a step-by-step tutorial on configuring calls to ring into a hunt group, and then overflow to an Auto Attendant. This tutorial is intended for IP Office Systems with Embedded Voicemail. Please follow these steps in the order in which they are written. 1) Build the Auto Attendant Build a new Auto Attendant – […]

Upgrading IP Office 1600/9600 phone firmware using HFS HTTP file server

by Doug Rogier April 18, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

This tutorial explains how to use a third-party HTTP file server (HFS) to upgrade firmware on 9600 and 1600 phones. This is useful when you need to enable VPN capabilities on a 9600 phone, or when you run into difficulties using the SD card to upgrade your phone firmware.

Ramp to Revenue in 90 Days or Less with FASTPATH

by LaVonda Huskey April 17, 2013 Market Segments
Aruba Avaya

Does YOUR distributor make your job easier?  In case you haven’t heard, Catalyst has a new enablement program designed to get you ramped to revenue in 90 days or less.  Avaya and Aruba are both participating in this brand new program for our small- to mid-sized resellers interested in IP Office or wireless infrastructure solutions. […]

Introducing Avaya’s Compatibility Matrix. PS – You’ll Want to Bookmark This

by Cory Patrick March 25, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

Hi Avaya Partners! Ever wondered if that 9600 Series phone is compatible with Avaya Aura Communications Manager? What about if Avaya Flare Communicator is compatible with Avaya IP Office? As one of the newest members of Team Avaya at Catalyst, I wanted to let you know about a cool tool available within Avaya’s Support Community […]

The Case for E911

by The Source March 14, 2013 Public Sector

Surely you have heard the buzz around E911.  After all, 17 states currently have E911 legislation requiring enterprises over a certain size, occupying multiple floors of a building, or those purchasing a new PBX to implement E911 to protect their employees and visitors.  If you are not offering this to your customers, someone else probably […]

Going to Extremes

by Doug Rogier January 29, 2013 Catalyst Tech Support

Summit x440 The Summit X440 portfolio of switches from Extreme is making an impact on small- and medium-sized businesses. Extreme has once again come out ahead with a line of data switches that are cost effective and have a direct impact on the market place. Not to mention, purple is a great color.

Why Avaya IP Office Server Edition Makes Sense

by Doug Rogier January 18, 2013 Catalyst Tech Support

In my almost 20 years of working in the telecommunications industry, I have not seen a telephony solution as versatile as the IP Office Server Edition. Avaya has been able to increase the number of total users on the system to 1,000 on a single site or across multiple sites. This provides an opportunity for […]

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 3: IPAM

by Eric Carter November 21, 2012 Data Center

Any device connected to a network maintains a unique numerical label (IP Address). The increasingly difficult task to plan, track, and manage the ever-increasing number of IP addresses on a network embodies the field of IP Address Management (IPAM). From simple conversations to financial transactions, IP networks underlie most modern business transactions.

Avaya is Making the Move to Migrate Messaging Customers

by Miranda Barrett November 20, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

So, you have a customer who is sitting on an ancient Octel or Intuity Audix messaging system, but ripping out the whole voice infrastructure is not an option.  What do you do?   Definitely check out the newest promotion from Avaya, Triple M – Magnificent Messaging Migration! Realizing the urgency with aging Octel Aria 250/350 and […]