RFID systems are everywhere – food, clothing tags, shampoo bottles, missiles… even your pet’s tags! Short for radio frequency identification, RFID tags can carry simple or complex information and can be used in a wide variety of verticals and applications. This section of blogs provides the very latest information on RFID technology.

Transform your Printing Business with Zebra Technologies’ Specialized Printing Solutions

by Jennifer Clark August 1, 2016 Barcode Printing
Zebra Technology

Zebra Technologies understands there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to designing printers and complementary media. So creating multiple printers that provide specific options for a variety of verticals is at the crux of Zebra’s printing solutions. Understanding the demands and unique needs attached to a vertical like healthcare means the same printer used […]

ADG LDI Ltd Reaffirms Utmost Commitment To Quality-Of-Service

by Jeremy Burton August 19, 2015 Business

We are thrilled to announce that ADG LDI Ltd has decided to modernize their interconnect network! As a premier telecommunications provider, ADG LDI offers interconnect services to both fixed and mobile network operators within Pakistan, and also provides connectivity to hundreds of tier1 carriers and VoIP aggregators internationally. With their legacy Cisco infrastructure at end-of-life, […]

HIMSS Executive to Headline Chicago Smart VAR Healthcare Summit

by Nathan Lord July 11, 2014 AIDC

If you haven’t heard yet, you’re missing out! ScanSource and Business Solutions Magazine are partnering to offer resellers some business-changing information in the healthcare vertical through a joint effort called, the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit. Kicked off in New Jersey in May, more than 100 attendees were on hand to hear industry experts and end-user […]

Consumerization of Rugged IT

by Ken Campbell March 19, 2012 AIDC

Updated 2/01/2013: I wrote this article nearly a year ago, and if anything it is even more relevant in 2013 than 2012. Resellers are even more empowered now to provide solutions that complement or compete with consumer devices in the enterprise.  Top selling vendors, such as Honeywell, Epson and Zebra, and many others, are all […]

RFID Rollout Roadmap

by Mark Morgan September 5, 2011 Business

There is good news on the horizon for VARs! Industry experts now believe the channel is a driving force in RFID. In his RFID Market Development update, Chris Rezendes explains the current market trends and what resellers can do to win new business in RFID.  He also outlines the RFID Rollout Roadmap, created by ScanSource […]

Managed Service & Support – Getting it Right and Why it’s So Hard

by Kevin Price August 23, 2011 AIDC

The managed service movement has been changing the way information technology is acquired, consumed, and managed for some time. However, so far it has had little impact on enterprise mobile computing, AIDC, or POS technology sectors. Today it is most commonly applied to servers, desktops, storage, and networking. The customers that have embraced it are […]

Making college campuses safer one RFID system at a time.

by Tinsley Maness May 13, 2011 RFID

If you watch the news, then you have most certainly heard of the security issues facing today’s college campuses.  In the wake of the shootings at the Virginia Tech campus, the leaders at Bob Jones University decided to implement an Intermec RFID system to make their campus more secure. As an added benefit to the security […]

More Information About the Healthcare Stimulus

by Nathan Lord December 14, 2010 AIDC

Healthcare is a hot topic right now – it has its own Vertical Market and even ties in the government with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA or Stimulus). There are incentives available through this bill for physicians and healthcare organizations to improve their IT solutions, which has resulted in IT momentum in the […]

SS Technical Article: What is an IP Rating?

by ScanSource Technical Services November 16, 2010 AIDC
Thumbnail image for SS Technical Article:  What is an IP Rating?

IP rating? Class? Division? N.I.? I-Safe? These are all terms bandied about when talking about mobile devices, but what do they really mean? Let’s take a look at what each means and how they relate to the environment the mobile device needs to operate in. IP(Ingress Protection) Ratings IP Ratings are a measure of how […]

Printronix SL4M: How To Do A Printhead Alignment

by ScanSource Technical Services October 12, 2010 Barcode Printing
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Printhead Alignment SL4M Align the printhead under the following conditions: to improve the print quality when running difficult media with major differences in thickness, when adjusting for media thickness (with the printhead pressure switch) did not yield adequate print quality, or when you replace the printhead. The printhead must be parallel with the platen for […]