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Smart Phones in an ADC world… you sure about that?

by Nathan Lord November 7, 2012 AIDC

Recently, while looking over a new white paper from a vendor partner, I came across some good information about the increasing role of smart phones in data capture applications. Obviously, being in the POS and ADC industry like I am, selfishly, this is a concern and something for me to be keeping an eye on. […]

Printronix Wishes the Barcode a Happy 60th Birthday

by Nathan Lord October 16, 2012 AIDC

In the past here at ScanSource we’ve blogged about the birthday of the barcode, and we’ve celebrated the first scanning of a UPC barcode! In keeping with this theme, Gary Stockton, Senior Online Marketing Specialist for Printronix, took us on a walk down memory lane to wish the barcode a happy 60th birthday! Taking us […]

The Retail Supply Chain in the New Economy

by Nathan Lord September 24, 2012 AIDC
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ScanSource POS & Barcoding invites you to attend a very important and informative symposium: The Retail Supply Chain in the New Economy presented by Datalogic ADC. (Did I mention it’s FREE?) During the past few years, there have been dramatic local and international economic events that have affected supply chain operations throughout the country. We […]

Coming to Partner Conference? Come a day early for your health!

by Nathan Lord August 29, 2012 Cloud Computing

As many of you may have already heard, ScanSource is throwing quite the party here in Greenville, SC Sept. 10-12 to celebrate 20 years of partnering with VARs in this industry. We’re rolling out the red carpet with Darius Rucker, BMWs, golf, guns… oh yeah, and some great content from some awesome speakers and manufacturers, […]

IBM Retail Store Solutions is now Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

by The Source August 13, 2012 POS
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Back on April 17, 2012, Toshiba TEC acquired IBM Retail Store Solutions (IBM RSS).  IBM RSS consists of the retail point-of-sale solutions from IBM, including the SurePOS product line, AnyPlace Kiosk, Self Checkout and software.  Through the acquisition, Toshiba TEC and IBM RSS formed a new company called Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, and phase 1 […]

Mobile: Remaking Retail

by Kevin Price July 20, 2012 AIDC

I recently read a report by Deloitte Digital, titled “The Dawn of Mobile Influence”. It was a quick read with a lot of impact for the POS, mobile, and AIDC sectors. I highly recommend it! There are some fantastic data points (current and projected) that substantiate the impact that the rapid proliferation of smartphones and […]

Lamborghini: Innovation, Quality, Precision and Speed: Datalogic ADC

by Nathan Lord June 4, 2012 AIDC

Recently, Datalogic ADC announced that they were teaming up with Lamborghini (that’s right, the super-fast, awesome auto company) for the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series. Both manufacturers are based out of Italy, and both stand for the same things, according to Mauro Sacchetto, Datalogic Group’s Chief Executive Officer, who stated, “Lamborghini represents excellence in automotive […]

The IBM SurePOS 300: Powerful Performance, Small Footprint

by The Source May 25, 2012 POS
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You want to have your cake and eat it too, right?  Well here’s your point-of-sale piece of cake!  IBM has recently released a new version of the SurePOS 300 (4810-350) with upgrades.  The IBM SurePOS 300 is the most compact POS offered by IBM.  The small footprint helps save space and improves flexibility for environmental […]

Consumerization of Rugged IT

by Ken Campbell March 19, 2012 AIDC

Updated 2/01/2013: I wrote this article nearly a year ago, and if anything it is even more relevant in 2013 than 2012. Resellers are even more empowered now to provide solutions that complement or compete with consumer devices in the enterprise.  Top selling vendors, such as Honeywell, Epson, Motorola and Zebra, and many others, are […]

4 Benefits of a Self-Checkout Solution from NCR

by Thomas Peery October 18, 2011 AIDC

In recent weeks, two regional US grocery chains have announced they are removing self-checkout from their store locations.  Both retailers indicated they are removing self-checkout in order to provide better customer service. These announcements have created quite a buzz among the media and internet world. The articles that have resulted are mixed but the overall message […]