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So you’re looking for barcode printers? This section of blogs, podcasts and web seminars is a great place to start! Here is where you’ll find all sorts of useful information about barcode printers (fixed or mobile) – dot matrix, inkjet, thermal and laser.

Walmart Mandates PTI Compliance

by Ken Campbell January 1, 2014 AIDC

Produce Tractability Initiative (PTI) came about as a response to the 2006 spinach crisis, an event that sickened hundreds, lead to the death of four people, and resulted in a complete recall of spinach products across the nation — a huge toll from both a human and economic standpoint.  Another scare in 2008 with tainted jalapenos just […]

Cutting-Edge 2D Imaging at an Affordable Price

by Nathan Lord November 8, 2013 AIDC
DatalogicThumbnail image for Cutting-Edge 2D Imaging at an Affordable Price

Recently, Datalogic announced the release of their new Quickscan QD2400 series of 2D imagers. As a leader in scanning technology, they were able to bring together exceptional quality and performance in a 2D imager, while maintaining a competitive price point. In stock at ScanSource and ready to ship now, the QD2400 series features:

Mobile Carts and Wall Mounts – Healthcare and More from Enovate!

by Nathan Lord August 27, 2013 AIDC

ScanSource recently announced the addition of Enovate to its product offerings. Enovate is a manufacturer of point-of-care mobile carts and wall stations that enable flexibility, space savings, and maximized efficiencies across the spectrum of Healthcare environments. In addition, they offer basic laptop carts that are great for applications, such as education, government, and others.

Need a Mobile Thermal Transfer Label Printer? Look No Further…

by Ken Campbell March 26, 2013 Barcode Printing

Need durable labels that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments?  Need to print those labels in the actual conditions where they’ll need to live?  Then the Zebra P4T and RP4T Thermal Transfer Mobile printer is for you.  It brings all the advantages of Thermal Transfer label printing and makes it mobile.

How often should I clean the printhead on a Thermal Barcode Printer?

by ScanSource Technical Services January 20, 2013 Barcode Printing

Frequent cleaning of a thermal barcode printer’s printhead is one of the best ways to extend its lifespan.  While there are many variables that affect the printhead lifespan, such as printhead pressure, heat settings, thickness of the media, even the type of labels being printed, regular cleaning is the single most important action one can […]

Zebra G Series Factory Defaults – Printer and Network Defaults

by ScanSource Technical Services January 17, 2013 Barcode Printing

Factory Default The Factory Default will restore most printer settings to their factory default setting.  It will also have the printer perform a media calibration.  It solves a great many problems and is often a good way to start the troubleshooting process.

Zebra G Series Desktop Printers: Media Calibration

by ScanSource Technical Services January 7, 2013 Barcode Printing


Zebra GK, GX, GC Series Printers: Status Light Descriptions

by ScanSource Technical Services December 29, 2012 Barcode Printing

The G series printers from Zebra communicate their operational status using the Status Light next to the Feed button. Below is the list of states the status light can have and what the printer is trying to tell you. Status Light Error Resolutions The printer is not receiving power. Have you turned on the printer […]

Datamax M, I and H Class Printers: Adjusting Front Screen Contrast

by ScanSource Technical Services December 28, 2012 Barcode Printing

To adjust the screen contrast on the Datamax M, I or H class printer, press and hold the “Menu” button on the far left side.  As you hold down the Menu Button the display contrast will rotate from the lowest setting to the highest and back again. Just let go of the menu button when […]

Zebra G series Printers: Power On Feed Button Codes

by ScanSource Technical Services December 27, 2012 Barcode Printing

Zebra G series desktop printers use flash codes to perform certain functions, such as calibrating or printing a configuration label. This is a list of the flash codes and their function. With the printer power on and top cover closed, press and hold the Feed button for several seconds.  The green status LED will flash […]