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How to access the Web GUI on Polycom legacy video endpoints.

by Matthew Brungardt January 30, 2015 ScanSource Communications

One of the issues we face when trying to access the Polycom VSX endpoints is browser compatibility. The Polycom VSX release notes list Internet Explorer 6.x and Java 1.2 or later as the supported browser for viewing the Web GUI. Most of our customers have no access to a browser this old and are […]

Using the Intermec SF61b with Apple iOS Devices

by ScanSource Technical Services November 20, 2013 AIDC

Here is a quick video showing the ease of setting up Intermec’s SF61b barcode scanner for use with an iOS device, such as the iPad or iPhone.

Configuring 802.11 Wireless on Motorola Mobile Computers

by ScanSource Technical Services March 26, 2013 Mobility

ScanSource POS & Barcode Tech Services has put together this handy guide detailing setting up 802.11 wireless on Motorola mobile computers.

Adding a Carriage Return/Line Feed Suffix to Motorola Barcode Scanners

by ScanSource Technical Services March 25, 2013 AIDC

A frequent request for Motorola scanners is to enable the CR/LF (Enter) suffix.  The good news is that is the default suffix.  Just print and scan these three barcodes to enable.  Now your Motorola scanner will transmit the scanned data and add a CR. Motorola LS1203 Download instructions for the LS1203 The full LS1203 PRG can […]

Motorola RS507 Hands-Free Imager – Setting up HID Bluetooth

by ScanSource Technical Services February 25, 2013 AIDC

Originally the RS507 scanner was designed to work with and complement Motorola’s range of rugged mobile computers.   After the initial product launch, support for Bluetooth HID mode was added.  This allows the RS507 to be connected to a wide range of devices, including PCs.

Zebra iMZ Bluetooth to iOS

by ScanSource Technical Services February 15, 2013 AIDC

As the demand to use consumer devices in lieu of rugged mobile computers grows, so grows the number of devices being modified to work seamlessly with them.  The latest is the Zebra iMZ mobile receipt printer.  Here is ScanSource Tech Service’s Ken Campbell going over how easy it is to connect the iMZ Bluetooth to […]

Introducing the Honeywell Captuvo SL22 Sled for iOS Devices

by ScanSource Technical Services February 14, 2013 AIDC

While there are plenty of powerful consumer-grade mobile computers (smart phones) available, they make terrible data capture devices.  They don’t have integrated barcode scanning or magnetic stripe readers, nor are they durable enough to withstand the day-to-day use in the enterprise. That is where the Honeywell Captuvo SL22 comes in.  It’s a sled for the […]

Unitech PA690 Mobile Computer Warm and Cold Boot Procedure

by ScanSource Technical Services January 26, 2013 ScanSource POS & Barcode

Warm Boot the Unitech PA690 A Warm Boot will reboot the unit while leaving applications installed Use the stylus to hold down the reset button for 3-4 seconds Release and the system will reboot

Unitech HT630 Warm or Cold Boot Tutorial

by ScanSource Technical Services January 25, 2013 ScanSource POS & Barcode

Process for Warm Booting a Unitech HT630 Start with the HT630 powered off. Press and hold the CMD and Left Arrow buttons. With both of these pressed hit the Power button. This will bring up the Boot Menu Select option 2 to Warm Boot the unit Hold the CMD button down two seconds to reboot […]

How often should I clean the printhead on a Thermal Barcode Printer?

by ScanSource Technical Services January 20, 2013 Barcode Printing

Frequent cleaning of a thermal barcode printer’s printhead is one of the best ways to extend its lifespan.  While there are many variables that affect the printhead lifespan, such as printhead pressure, heat settings, thickness of the media, even the type of labels being printed, regular cleaning is the single most important action one can […]