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Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer?

by Koey Nicholson January 5, 2016 Barcode Printing

A common discussion when printing barcode labels is which printing method do I use, Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer? Direct Thermal labels have a chemical that turns the material black when exposed to heat. When a printhead element is fired, the small portion on the label turns black. When several elements are fired from the […]

ScanSource’s Key Injection Services Add Instant Revenue Opportunities for Resellers

by Jennifer Clark July 28, 2015 POS

ScanSource is proud of our 99.87% shipping accuracy rate, along with our great customer service, depth of manufacturer offerings, and our value-adds. One of our most unique value-adds is our in-house key injection services. We made a significant investment in time and capital to become certified, which alone is a year-long process. As a result, […]

How to access the Web GUI on Polycom legacy video endpoints.

by Matthew Brungardt January 30, 2015 ScanSource Communications

One of the issues we face when trying to access the Polycom VSX endpoints is browser compatibility. The Polycom VSX release notes list Internet Explorer 6.x and Java 1.2 or later as the supported browser for viewing the Web GUI. Most of our customers have no access to a browser this old and are […]

The Zebra’s WiNG Express Value Proposition

by Manuel Figueroa December 4, 2014 Barcode Printing

Even for small operations, a robust wireless network is not an option, it is an essential tool for doing business. Unfortunately, quality wireless infrastructure has traditionally required expensive and knowledgeable IT help, pricing it out of the reach of many small- to medium-sized businesses. Simply put, enterprise wireless solutions were just not designed or priced […]

Connecting Honeywell Granit 1911i to Apple iOS and Android Devices

by ScanSource Technical Services July 25, 2014 AIDC

Note:  On-Screen Keyboard Toggle is not supported.  An iPad was used in this demonstration but the process is similar for Android devices. The barcodes can be scanned off most screens; however, the four pin numbers and Save must be scanned within 60 seconds.  Having a printed copy of the instructions can make this process easier. […]

Receipt Printer Technologies: Impact, Thermal and Inkjet

by ScanSource Technical Services March 18, 2011 POS

Impact: Impact printing is done by several tiny pins, aligned in a column, striking an ink ribbon positioned between the pins and the paper, creating dots on the paper. Characters are composed of patterns of these dots by moving the printhead laterally across the page in very small increments. The pins, contained in the printhead, […]

SS Technical Article: What is an IP Rating?

by ScanSource Technical Services November 16, 2010 AIDC
Thumbnail image for SS Technical Article:  What is an IP Rating?

IP rating? Class? Division? N.I.? I-Safe? These are all terms bandied about when talking about mobile devices, but what do they really mean? Let’s take a look at what each means and how they relate to the environment the mobile device needs to operate in. IP(Ingress Protection) Ratings IP Ratings are a measure of how […]

Mobile Computer Terminals: Vertical Markets

by ScanSource Technical Services November 6, 2010 POS

Vertical Markets   Businesses look to technology to help make them more efficient, reduce labor and obtain more accurate data on demand. Each vertical uses Mobile Computers in different ways to achieve these goals and help solve business processes. Now lets look at how the different vertical markets uses Mobile Computers. Vertical Market – Manufacturing […]

Mobile Computer Terminals: A Closer Look At Form Factors

by ScanSource Technical Services November 1, 2010 Mobility

Mobile Computers come in numerous designs and form factors to meet the ergonomic needs for many jobs and situations. There are three main form factors categories: Handhelds Wearables Vehicle Mounts Handheld Terminals A handheld mobile computer is ergonomically designed to be held by the user. Some of the many options include: A choice of scan […]

Mobile Computer Terminals: An Introduction

by ScanSource Technical Services November 1, 2010 Mobility

What is a Mobile Computer? Simply put, a mobile computer is a fully programmable portable computing device that can connect to a networking infrastructure via cable or wireless to transfer data through either a real-time or batch process. In this course, we will outline the features of many types of Mobile Computing Products. These types […]