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How to access the Web GUI on Polycom legacy video endpoints.

by Matthew Brungardt January 30, 2015 ScanSource Communications

One of the issues we face when trying to access the Polycom VSX endpoints is browser compatibility. The Polycom VSX release notes list Internet Explorer 6.x and Java 1.2 or later as the supported browser for viewing the Web GUI. Most of our customers have no access to a browser this old and are […]

What’s new in RealPresence Group Series 4.2.0?

by Mike Hubble January 6, 2015 Enterprise

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How to setup content using live video on the HDX and RMX?

by Mike Hubble January 6, 2015 Enterprise

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Polycom RealPresence Desktop Network Connectivity Test

by Mike Hubble January 6, 2015 Enterprise

Polycom RealPresence Desktop Network Connectivity Test When making a video call outside the LAN to the public network (WAN), it may be necessary to first test the Group Series using a secondary system with H.323 call functionality. If a second H.323 endpoint isn’t available we suggest using Polycom’s RealPresense Desktop. Polycom offers a 30-day trial […]

When is a session license used on the EdgeProtect 7300/4555 Series?

by Mike Hubble January 6, 2015 Enterprise
Edgewater Polycom

Edgewater Networks offers licensing options for the EdgeProtect 7300 in packages of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100, including upgrade options of +5 and +10. Please note, the 4555 Series is limited to five video sessions. Also, video sessions are different then Gatekeeper registrations. So what constitutes a “Video Session” on the EdgeProtect 7300/4555? A concurrent […]

ScanSource Offers Value with Polycom Demos

by Alex Britt August 20, 2014 Government

Why buy a product before you see it if you have the choice to test it out first? With the Polycom Reseller Demo Program, we offer a testing period of five business days that allows you to use Polycom products before you buy them. Choose from more than 35 Polycom demo products. Once your five […]

Polycom Group System First Time Set Up

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support February 7, 2013 ScanSource Communications

This is a step-by-step process with screen shots to use for reference. Before beginning this process, please ensure any desired peripherals are connected, including power, monitor connections, camera and HDCI cable, as well as microphone pod with Walta cable. Please note as well that the HDMI monitor output is auto sensing, and take a couple […]

New Features Available in ShoreTel 13

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support December 6, 2012 ScanSource Communications

With the recent launch of ShoreTel 13 and the upcoming general availability of ShoreTel 13.1, there are several changes which partners need to be aware of. Operating System and Environment changes ShoreTel 13 now supports Windows Server 2008 32-bit, SP2, Standard and Enterprise editions as well as 64-bit R2, SP1, Standard and Enterprise editions.  Windows […]

Bogen Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support December 5, 2012 ScanSource Communications
Bogen ShoreTel

Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system The ShoreTel system can provide single-zone overhead paging for each site by using the audio output port on those ShoreTel voice switches that provide an audio output port. For sites that require overhead paging, you must designate one of the ShoreTel voice switches to provide paging. In addition, […]

Effects of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD)

by Kyle DeWitt November 29, 2012 Mobility

One of the more popular topics of discussion in Information Technology this year has been Mobility.  The economy has forced companies to cut costs, and corporate decision makers now have an even larger focus on finding ways to improve the efficiency of their employees.  Everyone wants to do more with less.  This is manifesting itself […]