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As a solution provider, you need an easy way to build systems. ScanSource Catalyst provides a complete lineup of configuration tools that are designed specifically to make it easier for you to create customized quotes for your end users. In this section, you’ll find everything related to proposals, quoting, installations and more. ScanSource Catalyst tech support agents provide expert tips, advice and updates on new Config tool features.

8 Things to Look for in Partner Programs

by Jennifer Clark May 31, 2018 ScanSource Catalyst

Being a member of a channel partner program is all but required for resellers these days, so chances are, you’re probably a member of at least one or two. But have you checked the status of your partner programs lately? Do you truly know what you’re getting and how it enables your own personal profitability […]

Access Your Heritage ShoreTel Marketing Funds through Mitel OneView

by Jessica Duvall February 26, 2018 Business

If you’re a heritage ShoreTel partner and you’re worried about accessing you’re accrued MDF, don’t be. Mitel’s new OneView portal makes it easy to see and manage your fund requests and access a variety of marketing assets. The good news is, Mitel’s OneView was designed with heritage ShoreTel partners in mind. It’s very similar to […]

Mobility Trends in the Workplace Extend Beyond BYOD

by Jennifer Clark June 27, 2016 Mobility

BYOD is nothing new, with companies encouraging the use of personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the office. While they often provide flexible workplaces, they can also pose a security threat for many IT departments. But having a well-defined BYOD policy, alongside mobile device management, allows employees to be strategic and still protect their privacy […]

Noise Cancellation in Headsets

by Karl Bateson May 4, 2016 Business

If you’ve ever shopped for headsets or headphones, I bet you’ve heard the term “noise cancellation” used once or twice. I can also bet that you weren’t always quite sure what it meant. It’s not your fault: Depending on the context, noise cancellation can mean a number of things, and companies aren’t exactly consistent in […]

Paying Your Sales Team in Recurring Revenue Model

by Bryan Gaines April 22, 2016 Business

Over the last few years the number one reason why partners have told me they aren’t ready to move their business into managed services and cloud-based offerings has been due to compensation models for sales. So I thought I would do a quick and easy blog on a few basics, and for those of you […]

Understanding Software Defined Networking (SDN)

by Jennifer Clark January 28, 2016 Networking

You may be part of the crowd who is excited about the possibilities Software Defined Networking (SDN) will bring to the future. With hopes of simplifying the management capabilities of complex digital networks and their management issues, SDN is the topic du jour. While the definition can be a little vague, SDN is simply a […]

FastQuote for Avaya Radvision Goes Live!

by Sean Sparacio March 25, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

We’ve been working at a feverish pace to provide our partners with the best tools and enablement possible around Avaya’s Radvision video offering.  Early on, it became clear that our partners needed an easy-to-use, accurate way to develop quotes for Radvision opportunities. You spoke.  We listened.

The Catalyst Configuration Tool Family. Speed your way from: Opportunity to Quote to Close

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 1, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

If you haven’t looked at the suite of Catalyst Configuration Tools recently, contact your sales rep for a review of the tools and how they can help you close more deals faster. For over 10 years, Catalyst has been the leader in creating comprehensive and easy-to-use configuration tools for unified communications systems.  These tools ease […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – About Save/Restore Progress and History

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 6, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

The Catalyst ConfigTool allows you to save your configuration progress without creating an output file; this option is called Save/Restore Progress & History.  This comes in handy if you are in the middle of a design and need to stop.  Saving your progress will allow you to resume the configuration at a later time without having […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – Changing Your Password

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 6, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

You can change your Catalyst FastQuote password from the Catalyst ConfigTool.  This simple process does not require you to log into the Catalyst FastQuote web interface.  Changing your password from the Catalyst ConfigTool will change it for both the Catalyst ConfigTool and Catalyst FastQuote.  For this to work, you must have an Internet connection. Start […]