Closing the Deal

Closing the deal is just one of the many challenges you face if you’re leading a sales team. Help for closing a sale is right here! In this section, you’ll find podcasts, interviews and blogs that will walk resellers, partners, and dealers through the actual closing process.

Noise Cancellation in Headsets

by Karl Bateson May 4, 2016 Business

If you’ve ever shopped for headsets or headphones, I bet you’ve heard the term “noise cancellation” used once or twice. I can also bet that you weren’t always quite sure what it meant. It’s not your fault: Depending on the context, noise cancellation can mean a number of things, and companies aren’t exactly consistent in […]

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Unified Communications Save Time and Money

by Jessica Duvall May 3, 2016 Business

As more professionals and executives harness the power of constant connectivity by conducting business on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD helps businesses adapt to business in a technological age by keeping up with developments that allow instant communication. Just some of the ways ShoreTel Connect CLOUD unified communications benefit business include: Multi-device collaboration […]

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Provides Robust Security

by Donna Cooley March 1, 2016 Closing the Deal

I am often asked, “how secure is your hosted telephony offering, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD?” Security is often top of mind for many organizations considering moving their applications and sensitive data to the cloud, and the same goes for cloud communications. The fact is ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is one of the most secure cloud communication solutions […]

Ominous weather in your forecast? Let ShoreTel Connect CLOUD help.

by Jessica Duvall November 9, 2015 Business

It’s that time of the year. Floods. Ice. Snowstorms. The list goes on and on. Businesses across the country brace for the worst possible outcome that any natural disaster is capable of: bringing operations to a grinding halt. These types of events can be devastating to small businesses. Phone lines can be down for days, […]

Don’t miss out on the 3D revolution – ScanSource can help.

by Lily Whitaker September 18, 2015 3D

You dream it – we’ll 3D print it! The 3D printing and scanning industry is exploding – and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, Gartner projects the 3D printing market globally will grow from $1.6B in 2015 to $13.4B in 2018. Which means one thing – now is the perfect time to […]

Experience Counts in Negotiation: Session 8

by Bill Garcia April 28, 2011 Business
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In life we tend to drag our past into our future. For example, I know if I forget to take the garbage out, my wife will remind me to – sometimes at the most inopportune moments – such as just as I’m getting into bed. This is sometimes called a “learning event”. Unfortunately these “learning […]

The Power of Saying No in Negotiation: Session 7

by Bill Garcia March 7, 2011 Business
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“NO” is a very powerful word in any negotiation. All by itself, saying just the word NO to a request or demand from other side seems to leave little doubt as to their intentions. As a sole response, NO feels like the end of the negotiation to most people. However, how do children respond when […]

The Strength of the Buyer in Negotiation: Session 6

by Bill Garcia February 14, 2011 Business
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Buyers (or the customer) normally deploy two primary approaches to get a better deal from their suppliers. The first is added volume – “can I get a better price if I also buy some of these?” The idea is that the seller is motivated to increase revenue in exchange for a little less profit. It […]

Raise the Bar In Your Negotiations: Session 5

by Bill Garcia January 18, 2011 Business
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Throughout our lives we’re bombarded with these little sayings. Go for the Gold; Shoot for the Moon; Be the Best You Can Be; …. If I put myself in my son’s shoes (he’s eight), I’m sure he wonders, “What does that mean? How do I ‘Shoot for the Moon’? How do I ‘Grab the Brass […]

Expectation Impacts Outcome When You Negotiate: Session 4

by Bill Garcia December 1, 2010 Business
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Seems easy, right? I expect to make a hole-in-one, I will. I expect to win the lottery, I do. Is that really the message? Clearly not! We all know that we can’t impact the physical world with our thoughts …. or can we? Though I’m still not convinced I can change the size of my […]