What type of business meeting style fits you best?

by Jessica Duvall February 4, 2016 Business

It’s common news that most people dread meetings. How many minutes do you spend getting the technology to work, how many people show up late, how many people are “off topic”… the list goes on and on..

Forget the 8 hour workday

by Karl Bateson January 6, 2016 Culture

By Karl Bateson The days of putting in a 9-to-5 at the office and then heading home and unplugging are over. Work/life balance has been replaced by work/life integration. Here’s how to combine job and family time for less stress and more success. I shouldn’t have been surprised at what I was seeing, but I […]

Why the “as a Service” Model Changes Everything

by Kevin Price January 4, 2012 Business

I call it an alignment of objectives. The “as a Service (aaS)” business model, in the information technology space, has been slowly taking over applications and sectors for the past decade. Now, cloud computing and the explosion of mobility are dramatically accelerating the pace of that conversion. The aaS model is much more than just […]

Halloween at ScanSource Headquarters – Scarily Successful!

by Anna Okupinski November 1, 2011 Business
Thumbnail image for Halloween at ScanSource Headquarters – Scarily Successful!

We often hear that it’s the people and the fun times that make ScanSource a top company to work for. Many of the fun times we have at ScanSource are grassroots, dancing-in-the-hallways-type activities – but more of them are memorable, exciting company- and vendor-sponsored events planned by our internal events team. One of the most-anticipated […]