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If you have questions, we’ve got a solution for that! The Catalyst Telecom Tech Support team contributes regular blog posts with tips, trouble-shooting advice and up-to-date information about the industry-leading vendor products we carry on our line card: Acme Packet, Adtran, Aruba Networks, AudioCodes, Avaya, Bogen, Citel, Computer Instruments, DuVoice, Eaton, Extreme Networks, HP, ITWLinx, Jabra, Meru Networks, Metropolis Technologies, Motorola Solutions, Multi-Tech Systems, Plantronics, Polycom, RedSky, SpectraLink, Trisys and Veramark.

H323 Remote Phone Quick Setup Guide

by Doug Rogier November 9, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya introduced a new remote worker feature for the IP Office line that allows a remote H.323 phone to be used with a VPN.  This un-encrypted option can be advantageous for low-tech environments where a suitable VPN/Firewall gateway is not available.  Keep in mind that the voice conversations on this phone are not encrypted. Step […]

SMTP Relay for Voicemail Notifications

by Doug Rogier November 2, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

In the current releases of Avaya IP Office, firmware Voicemail notifications can be sent via email.  This process uses standard SMTP and is compatible with a great majority of mail severs deployed around the globe.  Recently, in efforts to reduce spam and increase security of SMTP, larger providers have switched to ESMTP, or Encrypted SMTP.  […]

Drum Roll Please…Introducing Catalyst CoPilot

by Miranda Barrett October 11, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Catalyst Telecom has a new proprietary tool that is a must-have for all of your Avaya Enterprise quotes.  We are happy to introduce the new CoPilot – Your Pricing Navigator!  In addition to the many sales and design benefits, this tool will save you time, which means you spend more time with your customers on […]

Windows Public Firewall Workaround

by Doug Rogier October 9, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

With Windows 7 and Server 2008, Microsoft introduced firewall policies that can complicate bench testing and lock out services where a limited network configuration is used.  A common way to handle this scenario in XP and Server 2003 was to simply stop the firewall service.  This no longer has the same effect in current operating […]

Avaya IP Office UC 110 Note

by Doug Rogier September 20, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Avaya IP Office UC 110 module installation can be a simple solution for small sites that need advanced user solutions.  The module is a small embedded server that can host both Voicemail Pro and One-X Portal services.  The small footprint removes the need for an external server where scalability is not a concern.  The module’s […]

Avaya IP Office Power Demo Kit Set-up Video Tutorial

by Doug Rogier August 21, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

You asked… we listened.  Now that you’ve gotten your IP Office Power Demo Kit, it’s time to set it up and configure it.  We’ve created a video tutorial that walks you through the process step by step.  Our video follows Avaya’s Guide to using the IP Office Power Demo Kit, which you can download under […]

Avaya IP Office: Forwarding Collective Group Calls

by Doug Rogier August 20, 2012 Catalyst Tech Support

Catalyst Telecom presents a video tutorial on how to forward calls from a collective group to a destination such as an Embedded Auto Attendant. This tutorial is based on IP Office R8.1, but will work in other versions.

How to use the Forgot Password link on the Catalyst FastQuote login screen

by Doug Rogier June 8, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

There is a Forgot Password link on the main sign-in page for FastQuote.  This link will only work if the Security Question has already been set up.

How to Access Avaya SME Services Tier III Support

by Doug Rogier March 1, 2011 Catalyst Tech Support

There are many questions about the new Avaya SME Services offer. We will try to clarify as much of this as possible. Here is what you will need to do as an Avaya Business Partner in order to receive Avaya Tier III support: Locate your Business Partner Sold to Number Call your Catalyst Sales Rep […]

New Self Administer Button in Avaya R6.1 IP Office

by Doug Rogier February 15, 2011 Catalyst Tech Support

IP Office R6.1 changed the Self-Administer button to add more features. When the User -> System Phone Rights is set for Level 2 and a Self-Administer button is created with the action data of 2, some system wide settings can be administered from the phone. In R6.0 and prior, this feature was used to configure […]