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As a solution provider, you need an easy way to build systems. Catalyst Telecom provides a complete lineup of configuration tools that are designed specifically to make it easier for you to create customized quotes for your end users. In this section, you’ll find everything related to proposals, quoting, installations and more. Catalyst Telecom tech support agents provide expert tips, advice and updates on new Config tool features.

FastQuote for Avaya Radvision Goes Live!

by Sean Sparacio March 25, 2013 Catalyst ConfigTool

We’ve been working at a feverish pace to provide our partners with the best tools and enablement possible around Avaya’s Radvision video offering.  Early on, it became clear that our partners needed an easy-to-use, accurate way to develop quotes for Radvision opportunities. You spoke.  We listened.

The Catalyst Configuration Tool Family. Speed your way from: Opportunity to Quote to Close

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 1, 2013 Catalyst ConfigTool

If you haven’t looked at the suite of Catalyst Configuration Tools recently, contact your sales rep for a review of the tools and how they can help you close more deals faster. For over 10 years, Catalyst has been the leader in creating comprehensive and easy-to-use configuration tools for unified communications systems.  These tools ease […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – About Save/Restore Progress and History

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 6, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Catalyst ConfigTool allows you to save your configuration progress without creating an output file; this option is called Save/Restore Progress & History.  This comes in handy if you are in the middle of a design and need to stop.  Saving your progress will allow you to resume the configuration at a later time without having […]

Catalyst ConfigTool – Changing Your Password

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support September 6, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

You can change your Catalyst FastQuote password from the Catalyst ConfigTool.  This simple process does not require you to log into the Catalyst FastQuote web interface.  Changing your password from the Catalyst ConfigTool will change it for both the Catalyst ConfigTool and Catalyst FastQuote.  For this to work, you must have an Internet connection. Start […]

How to use the Forgot Password link on the Catalyst FastQuote login screen

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 8, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

There is a Forgot Password link on the main sign-in page for FastQuote.  This link will only work if the Security Question has already been set up.

Logging In to Catalyst Telecom FastQuote

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support June 7, 2012 Catalyst ConfigTool

In order to use the Catalyst ConfigTool v6 and higher you must have a Catalyst FastQuote user ID and password.  If you do not have a FastQuote user ID and password then go to to request access. Requesting Access to FastQuote/Catalyst ConfigTool Access to FastQuote and the Catalyst ConfigTool has to be approved by […]

Introducing the Catalyst FastQuote Tool – From Quote to Config to Sold

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support August 18, 2011 Catalyst ConfigTool

Want to drastically reduce your quoting time? Catalyst Telecom has the solution. With a few simple questions you can create a real budgetary quote in minutes. Then convert that quote to a configuration which can be changed, added to and closed in no time. More quotes in less time means more sales for your bottom […]

Catalyst ConfigTool: Avaya IP Office Upgrade and Migration Wizard

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 22, 2011 Catalyst ConfigTool

This article will explain how to import an Avaya IP Office Configuration into the Catalyst ConfigTool Upgrade/Migration Tool. The purpose of the Catalyst ConfigTool Upgrade/Migration Tool is to list out what is needed to upgrade or migrate a system to R6 and includes what existing hardware and licenses can and cannot be reused. Open Avaya […]

Catalyst ConfigTool: Applying Dealer Pricing

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 8, 2011 Catalyst ConfigTool

Apply Dealer Pricing in the Catalyst ConfigTool can be accomplished a few different ways. First, by importing a CSV or Catalyst Telecom Subscription file, and second by applying known discount percentage. Both of these procedures are started from the Main Menu from the Help Menu. From the Main Menu go to Help, then Price Admin. […]

Catalyst ConfigTool: Manual Backup/Restore

by ScanSource Catalyst Tech Support March 1, 2011 Catalyst ConfigTool

The Manual Backup/Restore option is used to backup (and restore) Dealer Pricing and Custom Items. Once the backup process has been completed, the resulting file can then be stored for safe keeping in case a recovery is needed or it can be restored to another users ConfigTool. Backup To update the Catalyst ConfigTool, start the […]