Business Management Series

Looking for ways to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace? This Business Management series provides resellers with basic strategies, skills, and tools you can use to better manage and grow your business.

What do these things have in common?

by Mike Hickey October 16, 2015 Business

Payment Terminals. IP Phones. IP Video Cameras. Mobile Computers. Wireless. Communication. ScanSource’s Custom Configuration Center (CCC) can add to your profitability when selling these solutions. The CCC has a highly skilled technical team that provides integration services from IP addressing, software loading and upgrades, firmware downloads, and kitting to complex custom jobs; each one is […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Conclusion: Frequently Asked Questions

by Business Management Series March 30, 2012 Business

What are some ways that I can quickly increase sales? This is a tough question that is very dependent on your business. There are many ways to both motivate your customers and to motivate your internal sales force. Increasing sales is a general term; you must first set a goal of how you wish to […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Nine: Profit Corp Case Study: Implementing Sales Strategy

by Business Management Series March 9, 2012 Business

John Smith realized that the three people he has in his organization would have to wear many organizational hats. He sat down and wrote his business goals and objectives and developed a strategy for sales growth which included the infrastructure needed to support sales. His overall milestone is to secure 25% of the Miami-Dade Metro […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Eight: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan – Part 2

by Business Management Series March 2, 2012 Business

Step 4: Develop a marketing mix and choose your vehicles Your marketing mix is a strategic lineup of marketing vehicles designed to drive your customers to action and to achieve company objectives. Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, an e-commerce consultant said, “A business can’t rely on just one marketing approach, but must develop a whole spectrum […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Eight: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan – Part 1

by Business Management Series February 24, 2012 Business

Step 1: Market Research Regardless of how much you plan on investing in your marketing strategy, you should always build a pool of intelligence and useful data that will aid you in developing your strategy. This is called market research. You can implement market research in a number of ways, but there two general overviews […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Seven: Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom

by Business Management Series February 24, 2012 Business

Referrals can lower costs, enhance existing customer relationships and build your customer base. Referrals are often passed by advocates or evangelists that you have impressed and satisfied; which means that it is equally important to provide the same level of service to the referred party. If you perform a good service and the client agrees […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Six: How to Win a Price War

by Business Management Series February 17, 2012 Business

Price war challenges The unfortunate thing about price wars is that usually no one wins. The integrity of the true value-add offerings of your business can be compromised. Price war conditions exist when there is no discernible difference between competitors. As a result, the customer is forced to consider the only factor in which they […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Five: Partnering vs. Selling

by Business Management Series February 10, 2012 Business

One of the tempting habits of a new organization is to form “handshake alliances” with as many non-competing organizations as they can find; specifically those organizations that have a complimenting product or service. While it is important to form alliances and partnerships, these agreements should be solid and chosen carefully. A partnership exists for one […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Four: Developing a Sales Pipeline

by Business Management Series February 2, 2012 Business

1-3-6-12 Month Forecasting vs. Actual Until you establish a clear sales history, your sales forecasts will be your best guess estimate (culminating the data you collected through market research). This best guess estimate should be used to refine your goals. Developing goals are important. Although the first few years of your business’ life will be […]

Sales & Marketing Strategy Chapter Three: Understanding The Sales Cycle – Part 3

by Business Management Series January 27, 2012 Business

Every organization’s sales cycle will be different to some degree. This is due to the nature of the products or services that are sold. For instance, the sales cycle for reselling components (which is typically a turn-around sale) is usually dramatically different then a server sale (which typically has a longer sales cycle). It is […]