Catalyst ConfigTool v5 Q & A

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Catalyst ConfigTool v5 Q & A 

Q. What versions of Microsoft Excel are supported to run the Catalyst ConfigTool?

A. Supported versions are:

  • Excel 2003 SP3Excel
  • Excel 2007 SP1 or SP2 
  • Excel 2010 32bit

Excel 2010 64bit is still in testing.  All other versions of Excel might work and they might not.  Open Office does not support Microsoft Forms and cannot be supported. 

Q. Where is the Proposal Tool?

A. Currently the Proposal Tool is being modified and should be available shortly.

Q. How do I get pricing into the ConfigTool?

A. There is two options in the management interface, Import and apply percentages.  You can get to the management interface by going to Help and then Management from the main menu.  To get to pricing administration select the Price Admin button.  The Price Admin interface can also be reached by going to Help then Price Admin.

  1. Import:  Import CSV or the Subscription TXT file from Catalyst Telecom.
  2. Percentages can be applied for every manufacturer that is currently in the ConfigTool by selecting either the Avaya tab or the All Others tab under Price Admin.


Q. How do I install the Catalyst ConfigTool?

A. You don’t.  You can now run the Catalyst ConfigTool from any directory on your computer or shared location.  The Catalyst ConfigTool core is a single file.  Once the Proposal tool is made available it will just simply need to reside in the same directory as the ConfigTool.  The ConfigTool will then prompt if you would like to use the Proposal Tool for single Avaya IP Office sites only.

Q. How do I keep someone from Changing Dealer price or Custom Items?

A. Once you administer Dealer Pricing or Custom items you can set a password on the Management Interface.  The password can be set under the Application Info/Disc button from the main Management Interface menu.  Once the password is set and saved you will be prompted for the password any time you try to enter the Management Interface.

Q. How do I reopen a Configuration?

A. From the Main Menu go to File then Open.

Q. Can I open Configurations from previous versions of the ConfigTool?

A.  No.  Since the ConfigTool has been completely redone and the Avaya IP Office product line has gone through a massive change older configurations cannot be reopened using this version.

Q. Where are the rest of the manufacturers?

A.  We are in the process of evaluating what products from each manufacturer to add to the ConfigTool. 

Q. Where is the Migration Wizard?

A. The Migration Wizard is under the IP Office configuration tool.  Once there select Upgrade/Migrate for the Config Mode.  Detailed instructions can be found on the ConfigTool Blog.

Q. Where is the Search interface?

A. The Search interface can be found under File then Search DB.  Search has been modified to include filter list and specific search terms.  You can sort products by manufacturer and then by a sub category.  You can also add up to 20 items to a One-Off list by selecting the corresponding checkbox and then pressing the Save Changes button.  The One-Off list can be found in the output under the Misc tab.  Keep in mind that anything added to a configuration through the Search interface is not validated.

Q. Where can I find documentation on the Catalyst ConfigTool?

A. Documentation is currently being updated for the new Catalyst ConfigTool but some entries can be found on the ConfigTool Blog.  If you have any questions about the operation of the ConfigTool you can call Catalyst Telecom Tech Support at (800)790-2029 x4082.

Q. When will the ConfigTool Expire?

A. On the bottom of the ConfigTool Main Menu you will see a label that reads “Days Remaining”.  This is how many days until the ConfigTool will expire, which is typically 30 to 45 days after release.  You can also go to the Help menu then About and see the Current Version, Expiration Date and Lock-Out Date.  Once the Lock-Out date is reached on the Custom Items Tool and Management Interface will function.

Q. When I download the ConfigTool after an update is released the new password does not work.

A.  This is typically because Internet Explorer (IE) is showing you the cached file instead of the file that resides on the server.  This issue can be fixed by clearing the IE cache.  Detailed instructions can be found on the ConfigTool Blog.

If you have any suggestions on products or features you would like to see in the ConfigTool send an email to or to your Catalyst account manager.

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