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This article will explain how to import an Avaya IP Office Configuration into the Catalyst ConfigTool Upgrade/Migration Tool. The purpose of the Catalyst ConfigTool Upgrade/Migration Tool is to list out what is needed to upgrade or migrate a system to R6 and includes what existing hardware and licenses can and cannot be reused.

Open Avaya IP Office Manager and go to File -> Open Configuration.

In the popup box select the checkbox beside the IP Office unit then the OK button. If the IP Office unit does not show in the list, the IP address may need to be populated under the Unit/Broadcast Address field.

Enter the administrator username and password for the IP Office unit.

Once the configuration is open, go to File -> Import/Export -> Export.

In the Export popup window, select Configuration – All of the Configuration. Select the folder to save the configuration in under the Save In field. Make certain the File Type is set to CSV Text.

Once OK has been pressed on the Export popup, close the configuration and manager.

Open the Catalyst ConfigTool and select Avaya IP Office & Partner.

Under IP Office Base Unit in the Avaya IP left corner of the Avaya Screen select Upgrade/Migrate.

Select the Select Configuration to Import button from the bottom of the screen.

In the dialog box browse and select the Avaya IP Office configuration from the export in step 5.

Once the import is complete, a popup box similar to the one below will show.

The Current IP Office Unit will change to reflect the IP Office type in the imported configuration.

If only a Migration from the current hardware to IP 500 v2 is needed, press the Next button. If an Upgrade from the current IP Office firmware only is needed, select the Keep the current unit and upgrade to R6 checkbox then press Next.

Make certain all the information is correct as you move through each screen.

The last screen will give a summary of what can and cannot be reused in R6. The Can be Reused prompt will be on the left hand of the screen, the Cannot be Reused will be located on the right hand of the screen. Once all the information is reviewed, select the Accept button. Please note that this information will be presented on the summary output as well.

Once accepted, the Avaya IP Office screen will be presented. Keep in mind that the items filled in need to be moved to the IP 500 v2. Please note that the expansion modules do not reflect currently installed expansion modules. At this point, complete the configuration as normal.

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