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The Catalyst ConfigTool allows you to save your configuration progress without creating an output file; this option is called Save/Restore Progress & History.  This comes in handy if you are in the middle of a design and need to stop.  Saving your progress will allow you to resume the configuration at a later time without having to start over again.  The Catalyst ConfigTool auto-creates a file called Catalyst ConfigTool History.xls in the same directory the Catalyst ConfigTool is located.

Saving Your Progress

There are a few different ways to access the Save/Restore Progress & History options.

Catalyst ConfigTool Main Menu:

  • Select File
  • Select Save/Restore Progress & History

From Avaya IP Office SME or Avaya IPO Server Edition forms:

  • Under either form select the Save Progress option located bottom right.
  • You will be returned to the appropriate IP Office form once you have saved your progress.

From the Finishing Options form:

  • After you have selected Create Bill of Material from the ConfigTool Main Menu select Save current configuration to Progress & History file.
  • You will be returned to the Finishing Options form once you have saved your progress.

Once in the Save/Restore Progress & History form select the save slot you want to save the active configuration to.  Select Save from the pop-up options.  If there is already a configuration in the slot then it will be overwritten.  You have a maximum of 20 save slots.  If there is not a name associated with the active configuration, you will be asked to provide one.

After the name has been entered you will see two messages.  The first message states that any configuration that was in the selected save slot has been removed.  The second message will let you know if the save was successful.

Once the active configuration is saved successfully, the save slot will display the name, date and time of the configuration saved in that slot.

Make certain that when you are done saving your configuration, you select Save Changes at the top of the form.  This will save the changes you made to the Catalyst ConfigTool History file.  If you select Cancel Changes then the changes will not be saved.

Restoring Your Progress

Progress can only be restored when the Catalyst ConfigTool first opens up.  This is due to some limitations outside our control.

To restore your progress from the Catalyst ConfigTool go to File then Save/Restore Progress & History.  Select the save slot that contains the configuration you want to restore.  From the options that pop-up select Restore.  Your Catalyst ConfigTool session will be restored and you can continue with your configuration.

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