Bogen Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system

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Bogen ShoreTel

Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system

The ShoreTel system can provide single-zone overhead paging for each site by using the audio output port on those ShoreTel voice switches that provide an audio output port.

For sites that require overhead paging, you must designate one of the ShoreTel voice switches to provide paging. In addition, you must provision your selected paging equipment for connection to the ShoreTel system.

From the ShoreTel side this should be as simple as bringing the 2 wire output from the ShoreGear paging output to the telephony input (T&R) of the paging amp.

The ShoreTel paging switch and the paging extension number are defined in ShoreTel Director on the SITES page.

Two Types of paging systems to choose from:

Self-Amplified (24V) Systems

Best fit for a small system with limited needs

In this type of system, each speaker has a small amplifier (either built-in or attached) which, when provided with an audio input signal and 24V DC power, broadcasts sound. Each individual speaker has its own volume adjustment.

Two pair of wire for each speaker – one audio, one DC power. The speakers can be powered from the telephone room with a large 24VDC power supply or locally at each speaker/horn.

Central-Amplified (70V) Systems

For larger buildings where it is necessary to install many speakers and where there are different paging needs for office and plant environments.

In this type of system, a central amplifier is used along with speakers and horns which have built-in transformers to match them to the 70V output of the central amplifier. These 70V speakers can be tapped at different wattage levels providing more or less power to the speaker, allowing it to cover areas of low to high noise.

Using an Analog station for overhead paging.  A Bogen Paging interface is required.

When a station line is used for paging, the user simply dials the extension number connected to the Bogen TAM-B paging interface and the paging circuit.

The TAM-B recognizes the 90V ring signal, accepts the call and then completes the audio path to the paging system. Also included in the TAM-B are facilities to send, if desired, a tone signal to the party originating the call to “confirm” the call’s completion and let the originator know the page circuit has been activated. The same tone signal can also be broadcast over the paging system as a “preannounce” tone. At the conclusion of the page, the TAM-B automatically disconnects the paging system.

Bogen provides free pre and post sale support. They also have a design service.

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